The Mr. & The Mrs. – The Evolution!

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Falling in Love. Those little butterflies. The first kiss. That memorable romance. The cherished gift. The silly fights. The late night phone calls. The promise. The future – Let April begin; Let’s talk relationships!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you must be familiar with the A to Z blogging challenge I took up last year on Motherhood Emotions. In short, the challenge is to blog everyday starting the 1st of April until the 30th, except on Sundays. With a 6-month old baby, it was indeed a challenge last year though I cherish the opportunity it gave me to get closer with writing. The challenge is nothing less now. In fact, it’s a lot more challenging, negotiating with two royal siblings all day. The playtime series I had started, the little online shop I had launched, the kids directory I’d been working on – all of them hang midway staring at me with scorn every time I reach my desk. And before I can justify my absence, here comes April!

Nevertheless, let me take up the challenge, what say?


The Mr. & The Mrs.!

Perhaps, I haven’t experienced anything more thrilling than falling in love. It felt like a different dimension where the reality of everybody else other than that one person was a joke. Past wasn’t a thing at all and future seemed alluring; this can happen only when you fall in love!

All began well, where love travels and how the journey proceeds is a mystery of its own kind. It may prove to be a thing of joy and sadness, of learning and understanding, of choices and serendipity and ultimately, of evolution. Yeah, no matter how head over heels a love story may begin, it does get through its share of evolving over time. The Mr. & The Mrs. – The Evolution will be a series of 26 posts to take you through a warm ride of how love relationships evolve and the myriad of emotions it drenches us into.

Join me, let’s relive those butterflies and look through relationships from a larger perspective.

Here’s a list of all the posts in the series:

The Mr. & The Mrs. – The Evolution

A for Attraction – Why we fall in for Who we fall in?

B for Butterflies – The Stage is all Set!

C for Commitment – Stepping Across the First Line of Control

D for Dating – The Fairy Tale Begins…

E for Expose – Here enters the Family

F for Farewell – Goodbye Brahmacharyam!

G for Grihastha – The Mr. & the Mrs.

H for Honeymoon – The Happily Ever After

I for I Openings – Welcome to Reality

J for Joust – The First Fight

K for Kids – No longer the Husband & the Wife

L for Lost – The Lost Art of Making Love

M for Midlife Reflections – Is he/she the right partner for you?

N for Nesting – Coming to terms… 40!

O for Old, yet not too Old – The want of a Companionship!

P for Parting – The Woes of an Empty Nest

Q for Qualm – The Disquietude at 50

R for Role Reversal – Say Whatever, it’s the Woman, forever!

S for Second Falling in Love – Sixty is indeed Sexy!

T for (The) Trajectory of Marital Relationships – Understanding why you both are made for each other

U for Until death do us Part!

V for (The) Valley of Shadow of Death

W for Widowhood – One withers away….at the last!

X for (E)xited, but not Extinct – The Existential Woes of the Bereaved Spouse

Y for (The) Yin and the Yang of Marriage

Z for Zest for Camaraderie in Marriage


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