G for Grihastha – The Mr. & The Mrs. (Version I)


Mock dress-ups, stage rehersals, personal invites, photo shoots, extensive preparations and hell a lot of family and friends – Indian marriages come along with a little tinge of warmth. Just a little, I would say, for the huge part is a farce 😉

It is your THE big day of life. You are at the centre of the stage. You make the hero and the heroine. You are at your best dressed version of your lifetime. Hundreds of eyes keep looking at you. Every gesture of yours is being photographed and videographed. You are being blessed. You are being congratulated. It could be an exhilarating experience of one you have imagined, dreamt and longed for! 

Well, for some it could be of mixed emotions. There could be sometimes friction between the two families or some hesitation, fear or guilt about the overwhelming events. It’s difficult to read what goes on behind the smiles the couple pose on the stage. Nevertheless, it is certainly a milestone crossed in their relationship.

If you look back to the first day you met each other, it would feel unbelievable that destiny had its major plan woven into it then. He was to be that one person and it could not have been a per chance thing. Serendipity indeed has its own play behind the making of every ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ Congratulations, you are happily married now!

At this juncture, comes the second line of control. (Read here about the first line of control).

If it hasn’t happened earlier, it is certain to happen in the first few days of the married life – love making. Next to ‘falling in love’, I’ve been intrigued at the term, ‘making love’. Intimacy with your spouse creates a special space to express your passion for each other in your most naive form. It can surpass all the emotions you’ve felt through words, looks, gifts and the smiles you’ve exchanged so far. As your love reaches the next dimension, you leave behind the last inhibitions you both may hold for each other. And you cross our illusionary second line of control! When you emerge out on the other side of this line, you both are deeply touched souls moving ahead to create a private territory of you two alone which shall occupy several several secrets for the rest of the years to come. Perhaps, what so ever that thing which fell apart when you fell in love, you collect it and put together when you make love.

A long list of rituals and customs can fill much of your newly wed days though physical intimacy may still lead the list. There’s a new-found joy in holding hands wherever you go and showing off yourself as a new couple. Let’s throw some lone time off and mischief in the next post for the most beautiful period of a couple’s life.

Guess, what’s H for?

Bah, did you even note the Version I in the title?

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