‘The Happy Place’ & ‘Ramya’s Bat’ – Children’s Books by Ms. Moochie Books

Ramya series

The Happy Place can instill the love of gardening in little children. Ramya’s Bat can definitely inspire young girls to dream of sports that are stereotyped for boys. The illustrations need a special mention. Illustrator Chetan Sharma has done an excellent work. In fact, most part of the story is highlighted by the pictures rather than by the text.

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My Short Story, “An ‘Ex’ Ordeal,” is now available on Kindle

An Ex Ordeal

An ‘Ex’ Ordeal: A Short Story is my first eBook that is based on the emotional reflections of an ex-relationship. In ten pages, we get to read a short account of a woman in her sixties, addressing the scars her ex-marriage had left on her.

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Delving into Fan Fiction with Fan girl by Rainbow Rowell: Guest Post by Shalini Baisiwala

fan fiction fan girl review

Have you heard of fan fiction? If no, you have something interesting to read on. We have our guest blogger, Shalini Baisiwala, on my blog today to talk about this intriguing genre of writing. She will also take us through one of her recent fan fiction reads, Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowell. This post is…

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The Tantric Curse by Anupama Garg: Book Review

the tantric curse Book cover

The tantric curse is a book for self-realization and self-analysis that needs to be read at one’s own pace, giving time for contemplation in between. There could be answers to a few questions we have in our lives. There could be characters and scenes that might resonate with someone or something in our own lives. And the reading can make a good learning experience.

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Ramayana: The Game of Life – Book 3 – Stolen Hope by Shubha Vilas: Book Review

Ramayana was all about Ravana abducting Sita and Rama rescuing Sita with the help of Hanuman, before I received the book. I am glad for now I know the intricacies that were involved even before Sita was abducted and the consequences that followed soon after. The many characters and their brief appearances have been justly described. Regardless of whether the reader is a novice or an expert on Ramayana, I think the book shall prove a worthy read to all.

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The Rigveda Code by Rashmi Chendvankar: Book Review

The Rigveda Code by Rashmi Chendvankar book cover

The Rigveda Code is an interesting mythological fiction based on the after-effects of the Mahabharata war. The plot centers around Rikshavi, a warrior princess of the Vrij kingdom (in present-day Bihar). Thirty years post the war, Lord Krishna wishes for a new system of governance for the future of Bharatkhanda. However, instead of establishing the new system by himself, he chooses to pass the secret code to the Pandavs’ legacy which the warrior princess is destined to fulfill.

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Love Failure? Gay? Abused? Depressed? – Wake Up!

The Story of a Suicide by Sriram Ayer cover image

Of several duties and responsibilities we carry along, let’s pledge to add that of looking around people with open eyes and ears. ‘What’s my problem?’ might seem safe but remember it’s not right. Let’s all, please, Wake Up!

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Kannavu Pattarai by Mathi (Tamil Short Story Collection on Children's Psyche)

Kannavu Pattarai by Mathi front cover

Children are not deprived of understanding from the angles of parents, teachers and elders. But it’s the role of a friend in all of these relationships that they are deprived of, in reality. Hence, it’s important for all of us to be that ‘friend’ to little children instead of being just a parent or a teacher. Thus said, this book though is about children, is intended for adults to understand the world of children.

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After the Floods by The Chennai Bloggers Club: Book Review

After the Floods by The Chennai Bloggers Club

The trials, emotions and triumph of the city of Chennai, stirred by the 2015 floods, have been thoughtfully manifested into an anthology of short stories by The Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC). ‘After the Floods’ is authored by twenty two bloggers of CBC who have earnestly brought out the voice of Chennai in their stories. The impact that the floods had on each of them combined with their individualistic thought process and creativity has stream-lined into twenty one unique fiction.

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Ponniyin Selvan comes Alive!

The only comment I feel I am eligible to make is that the beauty of its writing cannot be justified unless one reads it. The best of all the books I’ve come across in my entire life!

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