Finding Work-at-Home Jobs: How to Prepare & Where to Start

women working from home

Finding a work from home isn’t as simple as a Google search. Nevertheless, it isn’t difficult either; it’s just a little different. There’s no one way to do this; you can be as creative as you can. Here are a few tips to get you into the action mode.

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Smart Devices for Smart Housewives

indian woman using smart watch

Let’s make our lives as housewives a thing of pride with the addition of smart devices in our lives.

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Realistic tips from a Work-at-Home Mom on being Productive & Sane

tips for work at home moms

Before I had kids, I used to have a fine job as a biotechnologist – a clean 9-5 schedule and free of itchy bitchy work culture – something that moms, and women in general would love to stick around. Yet, after kids, I never had a debate to myself if I should stay at home…

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What is #MeToo to a Working-Class Woman?


What is #MeToo to a working-class woman? ‘Madhumita lost her mother at the age of ten. She was then under the care of her paternal aunt who considered her nothing more than an irksome burden. Madhumita’s father was a happy man who would drink to his liver’s content and lived somewhere where no one could…

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50 Damn Traditions which ruined Indian Womanhood

Damn Indian traditions

India – A land of rich cultural heritage and traditions! During my young growing-up days, this statement brought a wave of pride in me. That little girl was told to respect traditions; that little girl was taught to practice what people of several generations did and that little girl was made to believe that the traditions…

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How much Dowry are you Worth?

Ever wondered how much dowry you must demand your in-laws? If you are already married, are you sure you got the dowry that you deserve? Take a quick check of your worth! Click on the above image or click here. You need to choose a few details like age, education etc. from the given options.…

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Why is it Always Me?

At 9 pm, he announces the meeting he has to attend the next day. That means his white shirt lying in the laundry bin needs to be washed. Yes, by me! He can buy the right washing machine wisely; he can master the manual perfectly; he can fix it up efficiently – but adamantly remains…

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[W♀] x [HAT + OMEN + ANT] = What Men Need 2 Know!

Its never going to get any simpler than this! Kindly excuse me for this complicated arithmetic title. It was again an input from Nabeel (that means am not responsible for the complication 😆 ) though he is strict about no free services next time 🙁 Hey all, this is yet another tale from my He-She club! (Do check…

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