‘Instilling Social Equality in Children’ – AtoZ Blogging Challenge 2022

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Seeding social equality in children! This is a series of 26 posts that shall discuss little ways to make big changes and inspire us to take progressive steps toward a non-discriminative society.

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My First Children’s Book in Tamil – பாப்பா வீட்டு வாசல்

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In ‘Pappa Veetu Vaasal,’ a little girl narrates the people she meets at her doorstep in her everyday life – the people who deliver milk, newspaper, vegetables, letters, and the school bus driver. She sees a favour from her neighbour; she feels the love from her family; and she cares for her pet.Through this book, I intend to bring in children, the feeling of community relationships.

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The Zest of Childhood: Let’s keep it alive in our Children!

happy children

Embrace their childhood, for they are going to be children for only a handful of years. But for all the years they are going to be adults, it is this handful of childhood years that shall make the foundation – keep their childhood alive today and they will know how to keep their adultselves alive tomorrow. 

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Yelp!: Do we hear what matters to Children with Health Impairments & Disabilities?

autistic child

When you feel the real care for children of all abilities, you will know what to do for them and how to raise your children to include them. It’s our choice, what we want to project to the children with special needs and what we want our children to know about their care. Let’s do what is right!

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Xennials’ and Millennials’ Parenting: What matters to Children of Gen Alpha?

millennials parenting generation alpha

Xennials and Millennials are gifted to raise a generation that has the potential to imbibe the highest human values and the advancement in technologies all at the same time. What we make out of the Gen alpha partly lies in our hands. Let us do our best! 

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Voice of Music: Creating Musically Enriched Lives for our Children

music for children

Do you encourage music for children in your house? Scientific researches favour babies to be exposed to music even from the womb stage. Music enhances the overall development in children. As a matter of fact, young children can grasp musical abilities more effectively than older children.

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Uncanny Intuition in your Child: Why not to Dismiss it!

uncanny intuition in children

Young children below seven years may lack the emotional maturity to deal with the uncanny intutions they are experiencing. It is critically important for parents to identify such emotional difficulties if their child were to go through. They need love and understanding and anything out of the loving way is going to make them feel worse. 

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Tantrums: It’s acknowledgement not reformation that matters to Children

temper tantrum

Young children are still trying to understand people and things around them. They are still figuring out if clouds have life because they move and if pigs can speak because Peppa is a pig. Their perception of what is possible and what is not is still not complete. Everything is work in progress in their little minds.

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Screen Time: How do we help before it matters too much to Children?

screen time for children

Screen time is one of the burning parenting issues of the era! What do children do with the screens? How do we choose what to allow our children to watch?How much screen time is alright for children? What’s so bad about screen time for children? How do we regulate screen time for children? Should we, adults, limit our screen time in front of our children?Will engaging kids in other activities help in cutting down screen time? How to handle emotional meltdowns associated with screen time? To parents of toddlers who don’t have screen time yet, how should you begin screen time to your kids? For parents of children who have moderate screen time. For parents whose children have excessive screen time.

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Questions: Children build their first world from our Answers!

questions children ask

Questions children ask are their earliest form of education. It is different from what and how they’ll learn in school later. They choose their syllabus and they need no examinations to prove if they’ve understood what they learn in their school of thoughts. 3-5 years is when their curiosities of the unfamiliar will be on a rise, after which familiarity will slowly begin to kill curiosity. Be there for your child at this stage, for it’s from you they build their first world.

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