Nature is Home; not a Place to Visit

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What is Nature? The lush green meadows, the tall forests, the snow-capped mountains – the natural environment – is that all nature is about? Do we observe and comprehend Nature? Anything that’s thrown in the air ought to fall back to the ground. To understand this phenomenon, one does not need to be educated, know science, be a philosopher, or a genius. Can you answer the other questions in this post without googling? It’s not about if you are knowledgeable or know the science behind it. It’s simple – have you observed it in your body before? 

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‘Instilling Social Equality in Children’ – AtoZ Blogging Challenge 2022

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Seeding social equality in children! This is a series of 26 posts that shall discuss little ways to make big changes and inspire us to take progressive steps toward a non-discriminative society.

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North Star – How to locate Polaris in the Night Sky

image showing the tracking of north star from the big dipper

Locating the North star in the sky can be a fun science activity for kids. Here’s a step-by-step guide with images to help your family connect to the night sky.

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Voice of Music: Creating Musically Enriched Lives for our Children

music for children

Do you encourage music for children in your house? Scientific researches favour babies to be exposed to music even from the womb stage. Music enhances the overall development in children. As a matter of fact, young children can grasp musical abilities more effectively than older children.

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Questions: Children build their first world from our Answers!

questions children ask

Questions children ask are their earliest form of education. It is different from what and how they’ll learn in school later. They choose their syllabus and they need no examinations to prove if they’ve understood what they learn in their school of thoughts. 3-5 years is when their curiosities of the unfamiliar will be on a rise, after which familiarity will slowly begin to kill curiosity. Be there for your child at this stage, for it’s from you they build their first world.

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(Grand)Parents: Shoulders to fall back for Parents and Children

indian grandparents

Grandparenting! I can write a whole series on grandparenting, because on a day-to-day basis, I interact with more grandparents than parents, because it’s mostly the grandparents who bring the children to the play area. Grandparents are an integral part in our Indian family system. They are the bridge connecting children to traditions and family roots. To…

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Originality: Preserving your Child’s Originality against all Norms

child creativity

If our children were to state a point which defies our values or principles, how we handle their unique visions matter to them. When we foster their individuality, they are going to grow to confident adults – adults who know how to pursue what they want to do.

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Nature: Nurturing your child’s bond with Nature

children bond with nature

Whenever possible, choose a nature stay than a luxury stay. Our everyday lives within the walls of our homes can be so enchanting that we may forego to be outside in nature, to leave the comfort of modern life. Remember, we are living in nature-deprived parts of earth. Take your children occasionally to the real earth to show her true magnificence. Your children will begin to love, care and protect this earth without having to tell them. We don’t teach them how to love one another in the family because their bond with the family is nurtured everyday. That is what they need with mother earth too – when their bond with nature is nurtured, they’ll look after her in the years to come.

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Gender Identity and Roles: How Children perceive being a Boy or a Girl

As a mom of a boy and a girl, it is interesting to observe how children perceive their genders. As a boy, to a child of 4+ years, what matters is energy and vigour. They want to get into dynamic plays like running and jumping. By the time they are five, it is even more fierce like in deep play. If you observe the playtime of girls of 4-7 years of age, you’ll agree what matters to them is learning to grow to responsible adults. Of course, their perceptions are going to change with years. There is much scope in parenting and education to make boys understand it is alright for them to cook and make girls realize they are stronger sects of humans as well. I believe their generation is not going to see as much inequality in gender roles as our’s or our parents’. Beyond the heroism and stunts of my boy, I do see a tender and understanding side of him when he sees his mom tired after a long days’ work. Amidst the cooking and dolls plays of my girl, I do see a bold and daring version of her springin up when her brother tries to fight with her. While it is still our responsibility to dissolve the stereotypes, when it comes to young children, it is beautiful to observe how their gender tends to matter to them, and often admirable. 

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Family Time: What it means to our children, matters!

family time

Before you begin reading this, ask your children, what family time means to them. Don’t give them prompts. Allow them to describe. You may be surprised to listen to their answers. It could be funny or emotional, but that is what family time means to them. And what family time means to your child, matters!…

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