Tupperware makes Meal time interesting for our Little Elsa & Simba fans!

The Disney Frozen 2 MyLunch is attractive and highly utilitarian. It lets you keep food separate and fresh with two inner compartments and a removable sealed inner container. The Disney Frozen2 Cool N Chic bottle is extremely easy to use and refill, making it ideal for children.

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Indian Home Organization: Common Problems

Identifying the small, every day issues around the home is a good beginning. That’s what we did last week. As a follow-up of last week’s work, this post covers the common problems that surround organizing Indian homes. I’ve created some images for easier go-through and maybe you can save the images to your device for later use.

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Towards an organized 2020!

We have 5 weeks to go for 2020. Let’s make the most of it. Let’s wake up to an organized year. Let’s defy poverty of space. Let’s save time on useless work. Let’s bring new clarity, a new definition and a new spark of joy to every little thing around us. Let’s organize! 

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DIY Paper Lanterns: Diwali Decors in 5 Minutes

diy diwali lanterns

The festive chills are around the corner. Beautiful, colourful diwali decors can bring in cheer to our homes and work spaces. If the pre-festival situation doesn’t allow you to shop some cool decors online or visit a store, let it not pull down the festive glory. Try making these simple hanging lanterns using coloured papers…

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Embarking on Design without Borders

false ceiling gyproc

How fascinating would it be if we were to re-design the world without borders!? Not only shall our travel experiences be liberating but also our perception about people, culture and their emotions shall find a chance, to discover the deep connection that we as human race share at our core. With plethora of hysterical borders…

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Beware of What you Breathe In at Home: A Warning Account from an Afflicted Mom

family wearing mask to protect from indoor air pollution

If you think your home air is clean, devoid of pollutants (as I did once upon a time), re-think with the check-list of indoor pollutants discussed in this post. When was the last time you serviced your gas stove? Are you sure your house is free of dust mites? Before you answer ‘yes’ do you even know that you cannot see a dust mite without a microscope? How often do you spot cockroaches in your house? How many wooden furniture decorate your home? Are your building walls prone to rainwater seepage? Do you have pets at home? Do pigeons love your window sills? Does anyone smoke cigarette in your house? How ventilated is your house? Are you aware of house plants that can reduce indoor pollution?

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DIY Paper Hanging Butterflies – Home Decor

Before my babies were about to land on Earth, I made sure to create unique nurseries for them; yes of course, to welcome them in a cozy, colourful ambiance though I know they are not going to remember it 🙄 I am sharing here, one of the colourful decors I had made before my baby girl was born. I love butterflies and I know many does. A bunch of colourful butterflies hanging on a string from your wall does give a serene sight, perhaps even to babies. And the fact that it takes just a few minutes to get this done in a few easy steps adds more serenity to it.

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DIY Christmas Decor

christmas decors

It’s the season of celebrations again! Simple-to-make paper decors can enliven our living spaces to create that perfect festive mood. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make a pretty, hanging, home decor. It is one of my most-cherished DIY decors I’ve made ever. I adore the 3D effect of it and it’s sure to decorate any place in a beautiful way.

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Fragrance – A Hidden Gift to Brighten your Mood and Emotions


Like music and books, fragrances too influence our mood and emotions. Theresa Molnar, Executive Director of the Sense of Smell Institute says that, “Scents can have positive effects on mood, stress reduction, sleep enhancement, self-confidence, and physical and cognitive performance.” Here are five practical ways to incorporate and experience the gift of fragrances in your living spaces.

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Revamp an old Furtniture with Asian Paints

Do you have an old furniture at home which you think can transform to your style statement? Get, ready, visit the nearest Asian Paints Signature Store and see the magic which unfolds!

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