Revamp an old Furtniture with Asian Paints

Over the years, our ancestors keep leaving their existences one by one. However, one or few of the arts and the things they used might have remained somewhere in our homes, silently connecting us with the then lifestyles of the bygone eras. One such wooden furniture that had been close to my great grandfather is the table you see below.

Wooden Table

He was just sixteen when he had made this table by himself with the little money he had earned as a little boy. After him, this table had seen several hands and homes of our family members and now it is under my nurture. The coldness of the years were visible on the table when it reached me, so I decided to refurbish the piece such that it can make a statement in my home decor.

I plan to set up a small room of antique collectibles which will include several valuable memoirs of our family and placing this table in the room will be a perfect addition. Initially I assumed that re-working on furniture is all about applying a paint of my favourite colour on the table. When I researched a little on it, I realized how ignorant I had been in this subject. Inspired by the Asian Paints Woodtech Studio, I decided to consider their woodtech solutions for my new DIY project. Asian Paints brings its state of art technology under the new brand name of “Asian Paints Woodtech”. It offers a range of wood finishes products in association with their new tie up with Renner Italia Spa.

When I went through the details in their studio, I learnt that first I need to select a wood with which I want my table to be restructured and then continue with the selection of wood finish to suit my decor. Thanks to the description of characteristics of each of the wood types offered by them, I could choose Pine wood for its light weight and easily-workable nature.

Selection of Wood Asian Paints Woodtech

Interestingly, Asian Paints Woodtech also offers translucent wood stains in many shades which can impart shade to an interior wooden surface.

Wood Stain Shades Asian Paints Woodtech

For instance, if I chose a green shade on my pine wood, it would look like this:

Wood Stain Green Asian Paints Woodtech

Next comes the selection of wood finish. Asian Paints Woodtech offers a superior range of wood finish products which one choose from with respect to their requirements of resistances against heat, stain, solvent, scratch, high gloss retention, durability, non-yellowing property, clarity of image and speed of drying. From their Italian range of wood finishes, I chose Woodtech Emporio PU because of its accelerated drying, high calibre hardeners that can withstand deep impacts and chipping and super scratch and stain resisting properties. Its available in several shades including metallic colours and comes in both gloss and matt finish.

Asian Paints Woodtech Emporio PU

To suit the theme of my antique collection, I chose metallic gold shade in matt finish for the antique table.

Woodtech Emporio PU Metallic Shades

I consider my DIY project as a beginner’s work as an expert’s advice has been missing in it. However, if I can visit one of the Asian Paints Signature Stores in Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkata, it can make an additional difference with expert guidance.

Do you have an old furniture at home which you think can transform to your style statement? Get, ready, visit the nearest Asian Paints Signature Store and see the magic which unfolds!

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