‘Instilling Social Equality in Children’ – AtoZ Blogging Challenge 2022

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Seeding social equality in children! This is a series of 26 posts that shall discuss little ways to make big changes and inspire us to take progressive steps toward a non-discriminative society.

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Indian Couple adopt Child with Down’s Syndrome #WATWB

What Ms. Kavita says not only melted my heart but also made me think in a way I’ve never thought before of. She says, “I never understood the concept and logic of having biological kids, when there are so many children out there who need parenting, love, and a home.”

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Yelp!: Do we hear what matters to Children with Health Impairments & Disabilities?

autistic child

When you feel the real care for children of all abilities, you will know what to do for them and how to raise your children to include them. It’s our choice, what we want to project to the children with special needs and what we want our children to know about their care. Let’s do what is right!

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Empathetic Divorce Support in India by Vandana Shah #WATWB

vandana shah divorce lawyer

Vandana Shah is a well-known divorce lawyer, social entrepreneur and author who has provided support to more than 10,000 people. Divorce consultation, alimony, child support, property division, sexual harassment and marital settlement are the areas of her expertise. Check the link for information on her divorce app, website, NGO and books.

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Lookalike Dolls for Children with Disabilities #WATWB

Amy a doll like me

Beyond ‘just a play thing,’ that we see in dolls, they offer a deep bonding to a child who likes to carry them all over their worlds. Imagine a child having a limb difference. What is having a perfectly beautiful companion like Barbie going to mean to her? We may never understand the depth of what exactly happens within a child in such situations. But, Amy Jandrisevit of Wisconsin, a passionate doll-maker, thought she can do something about it. In her experience of having used play therapy as a social worker at the pediatric oncology department, she saw how therapeutic dolls can be. When a woman she knew reached out to her for making a look-alike doll for her daughter whose leg was amputated, Amy knew exactly what she ought to do. She began to make lookalike dolls for children with different abilities or birthmarks or defects.

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Super6 Program Mentors 6 Girl Students from Economically Backward Families Every Year #WATWB

Dr. Chandrashekaran and his team mentoring the girl students of the Super6 program.

In the Super6 Program, 6 girl students (from economically weaker backgrounds), studying in the 6th grade are selected every year to be mentored until the time they grow up to find a job. What touched me about the Super6 program is that it’s about being actively involved in educating a girl child, which requires enormous dedication.

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What is #MeToo to a Working-Class Woman?


What is #MeToo to a working-class woman? ‘Madhumita lost her mother at the age of ten. She was then under the care of her paternal aunt who considered her nothing more than an irksome burden. Madhumita’s father was a happy man who would drink to his liver’s content and lived somewhere where no one could…

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All is Well where the Well is Well!

quotes on water

Imagine one day water from the shower stops when you are covered in soap midway in your bath. Imagine one day when you open the tap and hear the sound of air instead of the sight of flowing water. Imagine one day you will have to pay an exuberant cost to drink a glass of…

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50 Damn Traditions which ruined Indian Womanhood

Damn Indian traditions

India – A land of rich cultural heritage and traditions! During my young growing-up days, this statement brought a wave of pride in me. That little girl was told to respect traditions; that little girl was taught to practice what people of several generations did and that little girl was made to believe that the traditions…

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Is the City of Delhi a sign of Better India?

delhi roads

We, as Indians have so much to complain, crib and whine about the Indian politics, Indian Government, Indian politicians, systems, laws…yes, yes and yes, it is a big list! No matter how big and bold the headlines of a good initiative appear on the newspaper, we can with ease spot a crime, an unfair justice, a city disobedience to make us feel unworthy of living in India. Do you think we can change this perspective of Indians about India? Perhaps, we can, and we must!

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