My First Children’s Book in Tamil – பாப்பா வீட்டு வாசல்

book cover

In ‘Pappa Veetu Vaasal,’ a little girl narrates the people she meets at her doorstep in her everyday life – the people who deliver milk, newspaper, vegetables, letters, and the school bus driver. She sees a favour from her neighbour; she feels the love from her family; and she cares for her pet.Through this book, I intend to bring in children, the feeling of community relationships.

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‘The Happy Place’ & ‘Ramya’s Bat’ – Children’s Books by Ms. Moochie Books

Ramya series

The Happy Place can instill the love of gardening in little children. Ramya’s Bat can definitely inspire young girls to dream of sports that are stereotyped for boys. The illustrations need a special mention. Illustrator Chetan Sharma has done an excellent work. In fact, most part of the story is highlighted by the pictures rather than by the text.

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Mia & Grandpa Go On A Boat Ride: Children’s Story (Ages 4 – 12)

Little Mia is at Grandpa’s home for a holiday. “Mia, my neighbour has lent us a boat for today. He needs it in the morning though,” Grandpa informed Mia. “Wow! Boat ride would be fun, grandpa!” exclaimed Mia. “Yeah, it will be. But, we will have to leave early. Else, we would have to return…

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Locate the North Star: Children’s Story (Ages 4 – 12)

how to locate north star

Mia and Mommy were gazing at the night sky from their terrace. “When we were kids, we often gathered at the terrace soon after dinner. We would sit around grandpa to listen to his stories about the stars and moon,” began Mommy. “Wow, stories?!” exclaimed Mia. “Yes. Let me tell you an interesting story about the…

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