Bhojohori Manna, Kolkatta: Restaurant Review

So the time came when I was visiting Kolkatta for the first time; the time to try some Bengali food. When you are in Kolkatta and ask anyone where to get some authentic Bengali food, you shall hear a reply in unison, like the national anthem, ‘Bhojohori Manna’ for it is ‘the’ best place I’ve read and heard about for Bengali cuisines.

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Why is it important to catch-up on a child's lost growth?

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Most mothers I meet share worry-filled food tales of their children. It isn’t abnormal for a child to be fussy about food. As long as a child’s height, weight and physical and mental activities appear healthy, we as mothers can stay from worrying about such transition phases. However, a decline in his/her growth rate or apparent lack of activity and enthusiasm should be considered as an alarm. It must be remembered that not eating healthy can only be one of the reasons. Other reasons like illness, stress and sleep inadequacies may also affect the growth of a child.

Though a positive hope that the child shall sooner catch-up on his growth may sound enough, it is essential that parents take efforts to bring the child back on a normal growth rate mode, on considering the following reasons.

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Recipe: Farfalle Pasta with Anchovy & Tomato Sauce

Crunchy, Cheesy, Tangy, Fishy Bowties

As the crunchiness breaks open with a bang, your taste buds get to wallop a strong, tangy flavour of the Anchovies in Tomatoes alongside the soft Farfalle Pasta with piquancy from Basil, Thyme and Oregano, while the Mozzarella Cheese slashes through all of it!

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L’amandier, Chennai: Restaurant Review

Overall, the ambiance and lunch buffet at L’amandier were great. This particular lunch menu is a vegetarians’ delight, I would say. It’s a nice place for non-vegetarians who prefer a little chicken and fish without the Indian heavy ‘masala’ factor and of course, for people who are game to try international cuisines. However, I doubt if sea food lovers would find it interesting.

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Balanced Healthy Diet Vs. Crash Diet

Many of us, at some point in life, perhaps just before the wedding or when there’s an upcoming marathon, would want to try a diet, specifically for losing weight. However, we might tend to get confused with a number of diet types available. Here’s a quick post to briefly enlighten you about the basics behind…

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Singapore, the Abode for Hungry Wandering Souls! #FarMoreSingapore

This post won the Runner-Up Prize for the Take Away Level: Singapore Blogging Contest powered by Indiblogger & Sponsored by Far East Hospitality Header Image: Chef Ben Milbourne Meets Singapore Youtuber Dee Kosh Ever travelled with a ghost of one who died midway between his meals? Mind it, you are just about to! 😯 What’s that yuckyyy……looks…

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