Realistic tips from a Work-at-Home Mom on being Productive & Sane

tips for work at home moms

Before I had kids, I used to have a fine job as a biotechnologist – a clean 9-5 schedule and free of itchy bitchy work culture – something that moms, and women in general would love to stick around. Yet, after kids, I never had a debate to myself if I should stay at home…

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Beware of What you Breathe In at Home: A Warning Account from an Afflicted Mom

family wearing mask to protect from indoor air pollution

If you think your home air is clean, devoid of pollutants (as I did once upon a time), re-think with the check-list of indoor pollutants discussed in this post. When was the last time you serviced your gas stove? Are you sure your house is free of dust mites? Before you answer ‘yes’ do you even know that you cannot see a dust mite without a microscope? How often do you spot cockroaches in your house? How many wooden furniture decorate your home? Are your building walls prone to rainwater seepage? Do you have pets at home? Do pigeons love your window sills? Does anyone smoke cigarette in your house? How ventilated is your house? Are you aware of house plants that can reduce indoor pollution?

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X for (e)X Life – Life before motherhood

life before motherhood

I have slept on the sofa with a book on my head and lights turned on till the next morning. There were days when we skipped meals, forgot all about food or simply didn’t care about eating. Once, dinner didn’t strike us until 11 pm. We had to search for late night home delivery food services and finally the pizza boy knocked our door at 12. I wouldn’t proudly justify that I lived my life the way I wanted to. As a matter of fact, I lived without a way to do it then. Life before motherhood didn’t have a structure. It didn’t have a system. It had most of the essential ingredients of life. Yet, it wasn’t right somewhere.

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V for Vaccination – Immunization schedule of mothers

strong mom

You read it right! It’s not about the baby’s vaccination schedule. For the first time, in the history of motherhood, a mother has framed an immunization schedule for mothers and that mother is me 😆 During the course of motherhood, a mother develops immunity against several pre-existing and never-before-existed conditions that children can bring into her life – The Privacy of your Private Parts, The Peey, Poopy, Puky stuff……Here’s a quick, fun schedule:

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F for Frustration – That life isn't the same after kids

Frustrated moms

Being a millennial mom, I can’t see myself as a woman who washed clothes, raised kids, fed the family and reached old age. On one side, there are these little ones who are dependent on me for a BIG everything and the other side there’s this woman in me who is trying hard to catch up with her twenty’s identity or at least a little of herself. I am not afraid of balancing both but I am afraid I can do it without letting frustration in, well at least once in a while when the threshold alarm beeps and I need to snooze it until for the next alarm.

Frustration is not just one of the emotions of motherhood; it’s like an attestation from a government gazetted officer that you went through motherhood.

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C for Cheerfulness – It's a lovely sunny morning!

Happy mom with son

The silly laughs we have together while cuddling up during bedtime, the spectrum of expressions I bring into the voices of his book characters, the temptation to grab his ice cream after I’ve finished mine, the negotiations and deals we make for each other, the ‘Wows’ and ‘Good jobs’ for every little achievement he brings to me, the ticklings, the giggles, the hide-and-seeks – motherhood is also about reviving and completing the bygone childhood.

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Open air Gym in Bangalore

open air gym

“What a fascinating idea!” was what I thought when for the first time I saw an open-air gym in Bangalore. The fact that it was only two buildings away from my home was even more delightful. However, after almost a year of its construction, I am disappointed now to have seen it deserted all the while.

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Care for your Car with FullTank App

fulltank logo

Fulltank is a car service provider, currently based in Bangalore and Coimbatore. The Fulltank app is helpful for customers who need assistance related to car service including emergency services.

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Fragrance – A Hidden Gift to Brighten your Mood and Emotions


Like music and books, fragrances too influence our mood and emotions. Theresa Molnar, Executive Director of the Sense of Smell Institute says that, “Scents can have positive effects on mood, stress reduction, sleep enhancement, self-confidence, and physical and cognitive performance.” Here are five practical ways to incorporate and experience the gift of fragrances in your living spaces.

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Taking Children to the Mountains

Mountains scare me! Be it driving through the curved paths or climbing through the woods, I always hold my breathe until the ordeal is over. As a child, once our family had been to a trip to Mysore. As we started climbing the ghat roads, I remember praying to God at every hair-pin bend, to…

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