V for Vaccination – Immunization schedule of mothers

strong mom

You read it right! It’s not about the baby’s vaccination schedule. For the first time, in the history of motherhood, a mother has framed an immunization schedule for mothers and that mother is me 😆 During the course of motherhood, a mother develops immunity against several pre-existing and never-before-existed conditions that children can bring into her life – The Privacy of your Private Parts, The Peey, Poopy, Puky stuff……Here’s a quick, fun schedule:

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T for Terrible – 4 Terrible negotiations with my terrible two


It seems good fun to recollect these memories today but to have been there. at that point, as a mother, it was no fun! Whosoever coined the term ‘terrible two’ must have really had a terrible kid 🙂

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E for Embarrassment- My 5 most embarrassing moments as a mother

Embarrassed mother

Do you know how it feels when your kid digs his nose in front of your guests and the guests give you that so-you-are-the-mother-of-this-boy look? My little one isn’t a messy one but I’ve had my share of awkward moments as his mother. Here are the top 5 in the list:

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20 Brilliant Questions My 3 Year old Asked Me

Thinking baby

With children around, we learn, think and learn how to think more than what we did in school. They possess the best of world’s brains! My son is nearing four. The number of questions he has bombarded on us in the last year has become countless. I am sure I might have missed to save several of them in my memory’s folder. Of what has remained, here are twenty of his questions that stand out in me.

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Happy Memories with Mom!

Should all mommy memories be sentimental, nostalgic, emotional and tear-flooding? Especially with a mom like our’s who has even brought comedy into a funeral ceremony, one can imagine the number of Laugh-out-Loud and Roll-on-the-Floor-Laughing moments we’ve had. I am sure I am going to laugh insanely as I recollect and write my happy memories with her here. Come, join the fun!

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Singapore, the Abode for Hungry Wandering Souls! #FarMoreSingapore

This post won the Runner-Up Prize for the Take Away Level: Singapore Blogging Contest powered by Indiblogger & Sponsored by Far East Hospitality Header Image: Chef Ben Milbourne Meets Singapore Youtuber Dee Kosh Ever travelled with a ghost of one who died midway between his meals? Mind it, you are just about to! 😯 What’s that yuckyyy……looks…

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Shop-o-holic to Wise-o-shopper!

It was a time of life when shopping amused me. Yes, because I was free to spend all that I earned the way I wanted to! A wonderful statement of a beautiful feeling, isn’t? We eagerly anticipated Saturday mornings. That was the day of the week my mom and I would toil over the streets…

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Baby Love :)

  Santa: Merry Christmas, my child! Joe: I am angry with you, Santa. I didn’t know you could be bad too. Santa: Why my child?! I gifted you the bi-cycle that you had wished for, didn’t I? Joe: But you gave one to Anna too, wasn’t that mean? Didn’t you know I wanted to propose…

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The Top 10 Seriously Hilarious People I’ve Met

Some people don’t smile or even raise an eyebrow before they crack that line while everybody around them get into an hysteric out-pour of laughter. We all would have met such people sometime, somewhere. This post is not about such good souls! I am about to talk about the other side of humanity – seriousness!…

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My magical love affair!

Did you think it’s about my magical love affair? It is certainly not! But well, sort of 🙄 I recently happened to read this blog My magical love affair with the orange beauty posted by hollow bamboo in his blog Alas….Bloggin. Well, an interesting and impressive writing and hence gets re-posted here. From time immemorial poets…

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