E for Embarrassment- My 5 most embarrassing moments as a mother

Embarrassed mother

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Do you know how it feels when your kid digs his nose in front of your guests and the guests give you that so-you-are-the-mother-of-this-boy look? My little one isn’t a messy one but I’ve had my share of awkward moments as his mother. Here are the top 5 in the list:

Embarrassed mother
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This was shocking!

When my son was between the ages one and two, I would wish not to visit restaurants as much as I would wish to dine out. With his busy mind wanting to explore everything on the table, either of us, (well, mostly me) would have to hurry finishing the plate in order to take him away to let the other one eat. It was one such happening day. We were at a fine dining place with nice food in front of us. Neither of us was interested to do the hurry and take away job. So we dared to manage without it. And then there was the glass of water on the table! It was all the more alluring to the little fellow because it was of some material that he has never seen around at home. In spite of our struggles between the plate, the glass and the boy, he pulled the table spread cloth, pouring the water out of the glass onto the ‘nice’ food and making the glass reach the floor with a big THUD 😥 Even now, when we go to a restaurant, our first request to the serving person would be, “Please no glass or water on the table.”


This was saddening!

Recently, while we were walking back home from a shop, the little boy was running to his heart’s content that a car coming from the opposite direction had to stop to prevent dashing. It happened within a fraction of time that I couldn’t pace up with his running speed. The elderly couple from inside the car murmured a scorning comment on me as I politely thanked them. A tag of ‘an irresponsible mother’ despite shouldering every little of the responsibilities in addition to the embarrassment is a killer feeling.


This was terrible!

In the first few months, the vaccination dates used to send a shuddering wave in me. While the rest of the moms at the hospital seemed privileged enough to be escorted by the grandmother to carry the baby, the husband to pay the bills and the grandfather to carry the vaccination card, baby bag and handbags of the ladies, I had always felt terrible to manage between holding the baby, the bags and acting quickly at the cash counter, all by myself. The most nerving thing during hospital visits is undressing and redressing the baby for the weight check. On one such unpleasant day, I take my baby boy off the weight checker tray to find it is soiled all over with his poop. And there were around ten impatient parents waiting behind me in the queue!

But such experiences have molded me to a much stronger mother. With my second baby, I walk into the hospital with an extraordinary air of confidence.


This was quite funny!

Peppa Pig does have its piece of ugly effect. One day, I met one of his friend’s grandmother at the parking lot. Assuming it would be a nice thing to do, I introduced her to my son, “She is Prathick’s grandmother.” Unfortunately, he found a strange resemblance of her to Peppa Pig’s grandmother. He excitedly said to her, “You look like grandma pig.” She wasn’t aware of the Peppa Pig things and she felt annoyed that she appeared like a ‘pig’ to my son’s eyes.


This one wouldn’t have happened to anyone!

We were waiting at the Chennai airport to board our flight. A pleasant, elderly woman sat next to us in the waiting area. We were having a casual chat and she was enjoying the little naughty things my son was doing. Least did she know then what was awaiting her 😆 After a while, she requested me to look after her luggage while she wanted to use the rest room. As she was about to leave, my son ran to her front, blocked her way and with a gesture and tone of a pretend checking inspector he put to her a question, “Are you going to pee or poo?” He was loud enough that the rest of the waiting passengers turned their heads in our direction 😯 Before I call it as my most embarrassing moment, let me admit that it must have been her most embarrassing moment.


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  1. Ah yes! I can sympathise here. My daughters both went through a phase when they were learning how to talk where they greeted every strange man as “Daddy” because they thought that was simply the name for adult me. Now THAT was embarrassing!

  2. That was all good! I had been thru all these and much worse. It was embarrassment for the first one, may be for the second but as you get more kids, you become thick skinned mom 😊

  3. You have nice anecdotes to share. It may be embarrassing at the moment, but it evokes laughter later. You have an energetic kid that has vivid imagination.

    1. Certainly! as I was writing this post, I recalled each one of these moments and had some good laugh especially for the last one. Oh yeah, he is, thank you, Abhijit sir. Great to have you here on my blog. Please continue your visits.

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