Across the Indian Ocean in 3 Days!

Madagascar island

The father and the kids do an interesting activity over the weekends. The little boy would close his eyes and point his fingers to the globe while spinning the big globe fast. Whichever place on the globe the little boy’s fingers point to, when the globe halts, will be their subject of travel for a…

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Know PTE!

PTE Academic english test

Many of us would have had that dream, to pursue a higher education in a university abroad. It goes without saying the complexities involved in the preparatory process towards this goal. To begin with, we may research Google the king to collect information about the courses we wish to get enrolled in and their requisites.…

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What God has joined, men must not divide. Amen!

travel quotes

India. America. Germany. China. Israel. Singapore. France. South Africa. Iran. New Zealand. I could have been born anywhere in the world. It was just a chance of probability that my destiny was pinned to one location on God’s GPS. What if I belonged to somewhere else, to some other family, raised under another religion or culture,…

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All is Well where the Well is Well!

quotes on water

Imagine one day water from the shower stops when you are covered in soap midway in your bath. Imagine one day when you open the tap and hear the sound of air instead of the sight of flowing water. Imagine one day you will have to pay an exuberant cost to drink a glass of…

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In pursuit of Quietude

Quietude? Ha! It was not even the last thing I could dream of, as a new mom. Baby crying was, yes, one constant sound of the day and the night. However, it wasn’t all. By quietude, I not only mean the stillness from noises but also the silence of mind and being. With multiple responsibilities of managing home,…

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Ask me, My Boy, the Story of your Birth!

  On bended knee, I awaited thee. I watched months flee; one, two three, Before the Lord could hear my plea.   One day, through destiny’s interplay, I read somewhere, 4 almonds a day, Shall unlock a womb’s doorway.   “What’s in an almond, to carry?” Ask me, my boy, if you want to see…

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A Hundred Little Flames – 100 Thoughtful Questions from a 4-Year-Old!


Have you ever listened to the questions children ask? Have you ever witnessed the evolution of perception, by an infant and gradually through his/her childhood? Have you ever tried to look around the world and within you through a child’s brain? If you have experienced any of these, you would know how amazing it is…

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GRAP drapes Delhiites as Smog wraps Delhi

grap air pollution delhi

The Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) has been put to force in Delhi since October 17th, 2017 and shall continue until February 2018. Governments and agencies can devise methods and give instructions; however, what ultimately can make Delhi a safe city to breathe is, how people understand, respect and respond to GRAP. Here’s an attempt to understand GRAP and the responsibilities that lies with every Delhi-NCRite.

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Autobiography of a Second-Hand Survivor

cashify sell used mobiles online

Well, all things, no matter how bright and beautiful, how wise and smart, eventually have to meet an end, one day. And it happened with our love, as well. It must have been eight months since we met. I accidentally slipped off his hand. And that was the beginning to our end. I didn’t die but suffered death in all forms. The guy to whom I meant everything, was sad, angry and frustrated for a few days.

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How to Sell Used Mobiles Online?

cashify sell old mobiles

Cashify is an online portal to sell used gadgets. It doesn’t require posting an ad and finding a suitable buyer. I can right away find the resale value of my old phone (or laptop, TV, gaming console, tab), get a trusted employee of Cashify for a door step pick up and most importantly, get the cash in hand in exchange for the gadget. Selling used gadgets can’t get any easier than through Cashify. If you are reading this post and have a used gadget in mind for a sale, today is one of your lucky days. To get an additional Rs. 250 to your sale price, use the coupon code, CLEANCASH. 

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