How to Sell Used Mobiles Online?

cashify sell old mobiles

It had been lying somewhere dead in my house. I had no intention to do anything with it. Not that I cannot use it, I just did not need it. A kind of back-up, you see!

One day, while we were discarding old stuff in order to minimize the things that were to be moved to a new house, I was bothered by its presence. Should I throw it away? Should I just keep it; it doesn’t occupy much space anyway? May be, should I sell it? Hmm….who is going to buy an old modeled smart phone which has a speaker problem? May be, should I repair it and then give a try? Finding a repair shop, driving up and down a couple of times, spending some amount for the repair work – is it all worth? It might hardly fetch me, I don’t know how much someone would be willing to pay for it. It is four years old, in average condition. I had bought it for Rs. 9000. May be, a couple of thousands now?

When it comes to selling something I am not sure of how to and where to, the process appears as unstructured as the sentences above. After procrastinating for several days, on that one fine day, I captured a few images of my old phone. I quickly posted an ad for selling on a site, with hardly any hopes for a response. To my surprise, someone pinged me within a few minutes.

“How much?”

I replied, “Rs. 2000.”

“500 tike?”

“I wanted to type, “get lost” but controlled my fist and replied, “No thanks.”

In the following week, I received an email notification. I eagerly checked the chat message from a prospective buyer.

“I am in urgent need of a phone. I don’t have money now. Can I pay later, please? Bohat urgent.” 😯

I thought I must take the ad down but reconciled to leave it like that.

Shortly, during a discussion over tea with a few old friends, I happened to reveal the status of my old phone. My friend genuinely advised me, “No one will buy old phones these days. We get smart phones for as less as Rs. 1500.” He had a point. “Just give it to me for free,” he added. Well, that was his actual point!

Then happened the interesting incident that I must definitely mention. A guy, at last, accepted for the sale price, Rs. 2000. I was clueless how to proceed further. I didn’t know how safe it was to meet an unknown person somewhere. He spared me from asking any further questions. “Please send me your address and phone number. I shall pick you up in my bike, let’s go to CCD and have a coffee and discuss about the phone.”

Go to CCD to discuss about a 4 year old, old Samsung phone? 🙄 What loopholes such old stuff can make ways for internet stalking, I thought.

I have had around five requests later, quoting for Rs. 200 to Rs. 500. Finding no point in giving it away, I took the ad down and left the phone to remain at some corner of the home.

Until I heard about Cashify!

Cashify is an online portal to sell used gadgets. It doesn’t require posting an ad and finding a suitable buyer. I can right away find the resale value of my old phone (or laptop, TV, gaming console, tab), get a trusted employee of Cashify for a door step pick up and most importantly, get the cash in hand in exchange for the gadget. 

What if the screen is broken?

What if I do not have the original bill?

What if there are light scratches?

Cashify puts an end to our all sorts of What if questions. Let me quickly take you through what happens when one wants to sell his old Samsung mobile on Cashify. Follow the following screen shots taken from Cashify:

Select the Gadget you want to Sell
cashify sell mobile
Select the Brand of your Gadget from a Comprehensive List
cashify sell old mobile
Select the Model Category of your Device
cashify sell old mobiles
Select the Specific Model of your Device
cashify sell old gadgets
Answer a Set of Questions to explain the Condition of your Used Device

cashify sell old laptops

 how to sell old laptops

how to sell used mobiles

how to sell used tabs
Get the Quote and Click on Sell Now for a Door Step Pick Up

Selling used gadgets can’t get any easier than through Cashify. If you are reading this post and have a used gadget in mind for a sale, today is one of your lucky days. To get an additional Rs. 250 to your sale price, use the coupon code, CLEANCASH

Happy selling!

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