Autobiography of a Second-Hand Survivor

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Who am I ?

Everybody loves me. Everybody owns me.

I give them news. I relieve them from stress. I connect them to the world. 

However, when I get old, my life is a disaster until another is willing to pick me up.

Who am I?

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Whether you could solved the riddle or not, let me narrate you the story of my life; eventually, you’ll get me right.

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Chapter I 

The Honeymoon Days

I remember waking up in this guy’s room. He seemed excited for it was his first night with me. He was anxiously waiting for me to get charged up. Soon after he heard me beep 100%, he switched me ON and played a Ganesha video, perhaps, to get me sanctified 🙄 Soon, he began to explore every little detail from every screen of mine. He tried multiple selfies – near the mirror, beside the flower vase, with hair combed, with gelled hair, with his face to the right, then to the left – it was indeed a lot! He was mighty impressed with my photography skills. One became his wall paper, one became his Facebook profile picture and another was set to his Whatsapp profile. He carefully downloaded a few verified apps. He tested how my alarm worked and how the timer worked. And, after a few hours’ of his expedition, what he liked the best in me was the thumb print lock, for nobody else can touch me!

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He carried me with love wherever he travelled. While driving, he would anxiously await every red signal for he could have a check on me. If it rained, he would get himself wet but place me safely inside his bag. After every speed breaker, he would give me a glance to ask me if I was alright. He would curse the potholes on the road for they always jerked me up and down.

He would speak of me proudly to his colleagues, family and neighbours. He would wipe me clean every morning. One little scratch on me, his heart would skip a beat. And for every beep I make, he would anxiously look at me. At most times, I would either be held gently by his fingers or carefully placed on my artistic and expensive holder. If at all his mom placed me carelessly on a table edge or on the sofa, she would get a piece of his mind.

Such was his love! To be loved every second was overwhelming. Certainly, I could not have found a better place and person to live with!

Chapter II

The Accident

Well, all things, no matter how bright and beautiful, how wise and smart, eventually have to meet an end, one day. And it happened with our love, as well. It must have been eight months since we met. I accidentally slipped off his hand. And that was the beginning to our end. I didn’t die but suffered death in all forms. I couldn’t respond to his touch so well. My sight and hearing were diminishing day after day. I would often feel weak and lose my power to work like before. He had to switch me ON and OFF multiple times a day. Servicing, only disappointed him since my screen was diagnosed to be replaced which was almost as expensive as I was. The guy to whom I meant everything was now sad, angry and frustrated. I soon began to hang up. That was when he decided to reconsider our relationship.

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He would get irritated the moment he took me out of his pocket. During times, when he wanted to do an emergency work, I would go blank. In frustration, one day he banged me on the bed. I lay down unconscious for a few days before I was charged. When I came back to consciousness, I was shocked to see a brand new companion in his pocket, who now received all his love. He quickly seized all his secret treasures from me and probably, that was the last time he ever took a close look at me. For the next several weeks, I lay here and there, on the table, under the bed, in the wardrobe and finally, I was locked inside a dark drawer.

Chapter III

The Trading Attempts

One day, all of a sudden, I realized his touch. He quickly checked something in me and clicked a few photos of me. After a few days, he sealed me in a zip lock bag and took me out for a stroll. He met his friend on the pavement, who declared that I am a waste and would not fetch him a penny. That’s when I realized that my guy was trying to trade me off. The feeling killed me!

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Another day, I heared him bargain with someone on a call. However, he wasn’t happy with the amount, so he dropped off the call. Yet another day, he carried me in the zip lock bag to a far off place. He waited for two hours. Someone who had promised to take me, hadn’t turned out. Disappointed and angry, he muttered what torture I was to him. In the next week, he got a neighbour come home to check the feasibility of getting me back to my old self. He suggested a screen replacement of a lower cost. I spent the next few days in a dark, dusty dungeon kind of an electronic repair shop. Following a series of nightmarish procedures and repeated ON and OFF, I came back to consciousness. To my surprise, I felt better. I was taken back home. Though I had regained my almost-old self, he still wasn’t happy because it was a waste expense to him to get me repaired. To my shock, the next day, I was sent to his dad’s place. I so much hated the old guy for he hardly knew how to touch me or what to do with me. Luckily, he disowned me in a week and I was back home.

It looked like a new care taker was found for me, at last. I was to leave that day. When we reached the place, I was handed over in exchange for cash. Without a second look, he sped away 😥 However, the very next day, I was taken back home since I did not appear nice to the big fat lady who tried to own me. It was against the rule of the trade to send me back home, but after an hour of high-pitched battle, the trade had to be reversed.

Losing hope of getting me away to someone and more disappointed about wasting money on my repair, he stopped thinking about me. It must have been a year now since I lay unattended at some corner of the wardrobe.

Chapter IV

A New Revival

I am being switched ON. I am taking a while to brush my memory of existence. On his laptop screen, I read the word CASHIFY. It looks like he is navigating a few pages, chooses the details about me, and confesses the real status of my condition. In seconds, there is an amount displayed on the screen, which makes him finally happy. He soon looks for my original box and bill and keeps me ready with much excitement. The next day, as the door bell rings, he eagerly opens the door to welcome a person with the Cashify logo on his shirt. After a quick demo of me, he hands me over to him in exchange for a fair amount of money which leaves him relieved. Though I understand that it is finally the time to part him, I feel better to see him give me away with much contentment and ease than during his earlier attempts.

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For some reason, I feel safe with the Cashify person. I am taken to a huge place where I spend a few days with new friends. I am also on a rehabilitation schedule wherein I am trained to recover completely. Soon, I feel as energetic and refreshed as I used to be prior to the falling.

On fine day, I am waking up in a new room with a new family. They pour their love to me and we all become good friends. I am loved and cared again, for the second time. I am happier here for there are little children who love to watch rhymes and cartoons on me. I am considered precious for I didn’t cost them as much a new one of my kind would, yet I can be as helpful as a new one. Life is well and good, again!

Chapter V

And I Move on Happily Ever After…..

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When I look back, I find one particular element which had made a huge difference in my life – Cashify! It helped me to part from my old friend with respect and dignity. It spared him from wasting time and effort on negotiations, getting disappointed on futile waiting and unfair trade and returns. It had, in fact, spared him from driving to a place to meet a stranger. With the help of Cashify, I felt privileged to be picked up from the doorstep and being exchanged for a reasonable instant cash. Above all, I feel blessed to have been rehabilitated before I could join a new family!

This is my story, this far, as a second hand survivor! I am wise enough now to know that I may fall ill anytime and have to lose the love and companionship of my new-found family, one day. However, since they use Cashify, I know that I shall not be subjected to ill-treatment and that, I can meet a dignified end or a second rehabilitation in the future.

By the way, you know who I am, don’t you? 🙂

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