Is the City of Delhi a sign of Better India?

delhi roads

We, as Indians have so much to complain, crib and whine about the Indian politics, Indian Government, Indian politicians, systems, laws…yes, yes and yes, it is a big list! No matter how big and bold the headlines of a good initiative appear on the newspaper, we can with ease spot a crime, an unfair justice, a city disobedience to make us feel unworthy of living in India.

Do you think we can change this perspective of Indians about India?

Perhaps, we can, and we must!

delhi roads
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To begin with, let me discuss in this post, the positive efforts and changes that have been brought in place in our capital city, in the recent times. At the end, let us decide if the city of Delhi rings a good sign of a better India.

Ban of Sale of Diwali crackers in Delhi NCR until November 1st: This is the most recent of the good news from Delhi. With the everyday buzz and pollution, Delhi is known for its over-gaseous air quality. How can Diwali fire crackers be of any good celebration for a city as Delhi? Owing to the increase in the smoke generated in Delhi during Diwalis and the increase in lung diseases in children, Supreme court has temporarily banned the sale of crackers in the city until November 1st. It shall be a happy and smoke-free Diwali in Delhi, this year.

Installation of Water ATM at Connaught Place: We all know how Delhi boils during summers. And it has always been difficult for people who don’t carry their own water bottles. Brilliantly making the city’s high humidity to use, a water ATM has been installed at Connaught place which can produce 500 L of water from air. The machine absorbs moisture from the surrounding air, purifies it to generate water. And 200 such water ATMs in Delhi are in the pipeline. Isn’t that a cool initiative to be appreciated?

No more humans to clean sewage in Delhi: Doesn’t the very reading of this news line bring in a big relief to us? While it is a disgusting sight to see another human get into the drainage for clean-up, how more uglier would it be for a person who actually gets into it? Thanks to Delhi Government to have authorized 100% mechanized cleaning of drainage throughout the city. Notably, it has been brought into place so strictly that anyone found appointing a worker for cleaning is punishable under law.

Vodafone’s Start-Up Revolution: With respect to the city’s technological development, Vodafone needs a deserving mention for its start-up revolution. With this one-of-its-kind initiative, the company aims to support start-ups by launching a series of innovative products. Those ideas of small-scale business owners who lack technology, will no longer have to bury their dreams. To know more, visit the Internet of Things (IoT) page of Vodafone official site. In addition, the company has taken a giant step to offer free Vodafone WiFi-Hotspots in the Delhi – NCR region.

Project Abhyudaya – Skill development for Underprivileged in Delhi: Four friends, over an informal chat, had hit upon a skill training topic. Today, this thought has empowered several youngsters, especially girls, who otherwise would have retired to their ordinary lives. In association with Empower Pragati, a skill training centre, project Abhyudaya runs across 5 centres in Delhi with 20 volunteers.

Much has been happening in our country, other than corruption and bad politics. For once, let us keep our eyes and ears open to know and spread those which have the potential to transform our lives and living in India for the better. The next time, you happen to hear a discouraging discussion on the state of Indian affairs, remember to quote these five recent initiatives put to action in Delhi. It could be a long way before we start witnessing positive changes. However, let us identify and appreciate the little efforts for good, happening around us, in the country.

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