Ask me, My Boy, the Story of your Birth!

conception oil painting
This is an oil painting I had done on one of my pre-conception days, while awaiting my little boy.


On bended knee, I awaited thee.

I watched months flee; one, two three,

Before the Lord could hear my plea.


One day, through destiny’s interplay,

I read somewhere, 4 almonds a day,

Shall unlock a womb’s doorway.


“What’s in an almond, to carry?”

Ask me, my boy, if you want to see

What’s inside this secret wee.


From nurturing natural fertility,

To gracing the divine unity,

It’s Vitamin E, the seed to serendipity!


Thus came thou, my little miracle, to sow

Peace and joy in the fertile plough,

Magically plowed by Vitamin E’s vow!


Week by week, I watched you grow,

Until my baby bump could no longer blow.

And ask me, my boy, what helped you grow.


On the Bridge In between Lives, depicts my vision of a soul reaching a new mother's womb
On the Bridge In between Lives, depicts my vision of a soul reaching a new mother’s womb

At the wink of an eye,

Your tiny cells would amplify high.

But around were cell attackers to spy,

And pry the tiny cell walls of thy.

Aha! How can I let them comply?!


Broccoli and a handful of nuts

Were all I had, to kick their butts.

Ask me, my boy, what’s so mighty about nuts.


Antioxidants that wage a war

Against the cell attackers on par

Are what I needed to spar.

Now ask me, my boy, where antioxidants are

Vitamin E – yeah, our guardian star!


The skin on my belly had to uncoil,

To serve thy tiny being’s moil,

Alas, the stretch marks! How it could spoil

Thy umbrella, to make me roil.

But you know, it soon found its way to foil.

Ask me how, my boy; oh dear, our savior, Vitamin E oil!


This is the story of your birth,

Of coming into this Earth,

To shower us with mirth.

Not that it is the story’s end,

Because I had to continue help you defend,

The mysterious pathogens that would offend.

Ask me, my boy, how I worked a way to fend.


Connection - The Magical Bond between a Mother and the Baby
Connection – The Magical Bond between a Mother and the Baby

As you found my bosom to latch,

I grabbed a lot of avocado and spinach.

For the richness your first feed would hatch,

Colostrum it’s called, nothing can match.

Ask me, my boy, what’s the catch.

Oh my boy, should I start it all over from the scratch?


How much sense my rhyming galatta made, I don’t know 😛 but the fact is Vitamin E plays crucial roles in a woman’s life during the conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding stages. The general role of Vitamin E in our health is its antioxidant property to fight against free radicals. This particular role of Vitamin E caters to several functions in our system. Repairing a damaged skin, damaged hair follicles or cellular structures is all brought by Vitamin E through its antioxidant property.

Coming to conception, healthy levels of this vitamin is essential for preparing the reproductive systems of both the mother and the father. Several studies on Vitamin E proves its undeniable roles in the creation of a baby. Vitamin E can either be procured through a regular diet or through supplements like #Evion. As long as the dosage directed by a doctor is taken care of, Evion supplements are a safe source of Vitamin E during pre-pregnancy and pregnancy phases. Read here to learn more about Evion.

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