Across the Indian Ocean in 3 Days!

Madagascar island

The father and the kids do an interesting activity over the weekends. The little boy would close his eyes and point his fingers to the globe while spinning the big globe fast. Whichever place on the globe the little boy’s fingers point to, when the globe halts, will be their subject of travel for a…

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What God has joined, men must not divide. Amen!

travel quotes

India. America. Germany. China. Israel. Singapore. France. South Africa. Iran. New Zealand. I could have been born anywhere in the world. It was just a chance of probability that my destiny was pinned to one location on God’s GPS. What if I belonged to somewhere else, to some other family, raised under another religion or culture,…

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I Have No Clue of Where I am Going, Do You?

I least expected to land up as a pilot after having spent 6 years in IIT – Destiny has its own twists and turns! My situation was bad that time, I couldn’t help ditching her – Probably we were not destined to be! I was averse to hospital all my life. Strangely, I met my…

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