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We were stranded on a barren highway, one unfortunate day, after a car break-down. After a few hours of struggle, we managed to reach home. Our car was towed to a mechanic shop, the following day, where spare parts were fixed without our consent. We were billed heavily and not long, the same issue re-occurred. When checked with another car service provider, fake spare parts fixed by the earlier mechanic was brought to light.

Can we ever BeaHero to fight against the car service evils?

Fulltank App says ‘Yes!’

Disclaimer: I have not availed any service from Fulltank. The content of this post is based on the information provided on the Fulltank website and not based on my experience. 

What is Fulltank App?

Fulltank is a car service provider, currently based in Bangalore and Coimbatore. The Fulltank app is helpful for customers who need assistance related to car service including emergency services.

What services does Fulltank provide?


Roadside Assistance: Incase of a car break down, a request for immediate assistance through the app can be placed. Be it a puncture, empty fuel or battery down, the mechanic can get it fixed immediately or after towing the car to the service centre.

Drivers for Hire: Some situations like recovering from a foot ailment or our toddler throwing a bad tantrum inside the car might demand us to hire a driver for the rest of our travel. Fulltank has a network of experienced drivers who can help us get to our destinations safely in our own cars.

Car Wash: Fulltank provides car wash service at our doorsteps, sparing our Sundays from being wasted.

Car Service & Repair: Fulltank offers efficient car service with discounts for regular car service and repairs.

Car Insurance: Car insurance is yet another service from Fulltank which gives us a little breathing time in our busy lives.

How does one get benefited by Fulltank? 

For a full list of benefits, visit the Fulltank website.

  • Emergency Assistance: The most significant benefit of the app is the 24×7 emergency service.
  • Fulltank Assurances: On spare parts and labour service, Fulltank provides guarantee for two months of time or for 2000 Km whichever is earlier.
  • Customer Service Support: Call center support is available for all app services.

How does the Fulltank App work?


Download & Sign-Up

The Fulltank app can be downloaded from the respective links:

Location preference (Bangalore/Coimbatore), mobile number, Email address and name are required for the sign-up process.



Add a Car

Before proceeding with any of the car services, customer’s car needs to be added by providing the following details:


Book a service request

#1 24 Hr. Roadside Assistance: When Roadside Assistance is selected, the following service options get displayed on the bottom left:


#2 ‘Tow service’ and ‘Fuel out’ Services: On selection of a service, the app detects our present location and gives an estimate for the selected service.

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#3 Car Wash: On selection of ‘Car wash’, the available types of car washes for Ford Figo Aspire are listed.


This is just a brief overview of the app. Download the app to explore further. Also, participate in this survey and get exciting gifts (

If you have used the Fulltank app, do leave your reviews and comments below.

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