‘The Happy Place’ & ‘Ramya’s Bat’ – Children’s Books by Ms. Moochie Books

Ramya series

Book Title #1: The Happy Place – A Ramya Story by Samantha K

Book Title #2: Ramya’s Bat by Ritika Subhash

Illustrated by: Chetan Sharma

Publisher: Ms. Moochie Books

Book Genre: Children’s Books – Fiction – Picture Books

Reading Level: Emergent Readers (Ages 2 and up)

Book Format: Paperback

No. of Pages: 41 to 43 story pages, 3 activity pages

Amazon Buying Links: The Happy Place , Ramya’s Bat

Year of Publication: 2019

About the Ramya Stories

The Ramya stories is a series of individual stories centered around a little girl, Ramya. The stories happen in an Indian set up and each talk about an interesting episode of Ramya’s little adventures.

The books are quite big (vertical books of 23 cm x 16 cm) with words of big font size. Each page includes one or two sentences with rich illustrations of Indian environments. The sentences are short, simple and appear in rhyming verses. At the end of each story, there are activities for kids from the story, like sequencing the pictures in the order of narration, colouring, finding the odd ones out, to name a few.

The Happy Place 

In this delightful story, Ramya goes to the backyard to find weeds everywhere which used to be her Dadi’s garden. So, she plunges to mend the garden. Despite the little difficulties and hard work it demands, Ramya with will and determination turns the place to a beautiful garden, just in time when her Dadi returns back from the hospital.

backyard illustration
Image Courtesy: Amazon
  • In a simple style, the story can introduce gardening steps to children – weeding, digging, sowing and names of some beautiful flowers.
  • The book, of course, can instill the love of gardening in little children. If you have a garden at home or if you plan to create one with your little ones, you will find this book inspiring.
  • Together with your children, you can cherish the feeling of giving a heart-warming surprise to our loved ones.

The Happy Place is indeed a happy read for children!

Ramya’s Bat

Ramya sees her friends play cricket. She at once wants to hold a bat and hit the ball. But, she finds no help from her family and friends initially. Soon, she proves her interest and talent in the game that everybody begins to adores her cricket skills.

children playing cricket illustration
Image Courtesy: Amazon
  • Who said cricket is only for boys? Read Ramya’s story and how she makes the ball fly with her bat. The book can definitely inspire young girls to dream of sports that are stereotyped for boys.
  • It can also educate parents to support girl children in their interests to pursue boyish games, letting go of the age-old gender stereotypes.

Enriching Illustrations

flower vendor illustration

The illustrations need a special mention. Illustrator Chetan Sharma has done an excellent work. In fact, most part of the story is highlighted by the pictures rather than by the text. The meticulous details covered in the illustrations like a crow drinking water from a tap and Ramya’s cupboard of toys and books are a visual delight. Homes and neighbourhood of Indian scenario are well-picturized.

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Have you read a Ramya story to your little ones? Do share your experience in the comments below, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Very nice to see more books coming up in this fashion. My childhood days were enriched by Champak and Twinkle stories. Gosh, the lovely hours I have spent reading those 🙂

    1. The numbers of books and toys of today cannot be compared to what we had then 😛 There’s so much in the market and needs a special research by the parents these days 🙂

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