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I’ve been an everyday companion to friends who went through divorce. I’ve heard their stories, I’ve witnessed how emotionally struggling the entire process can be and sadly, I’ve realised how they are ostracized and scrutinized for their stands by people including the immediate family members.

I am thankful to those few friends because they helped me develop a unique respect for people who’ve been through divorce. It needs an indomitable will and courage to live a life which can be so easily judged and criticized in a country which blindly encourages marital abuse behind the robes of culture and traditions.

When I heard about Vandana Shah’s story, I felt moved. Now a well-known lawyer, social entrepreneur and author, Vandana Shah was once bereaved by her husband and his family. Having lost her parents even before her marriage, she didn’t have someone who would listen to her without judgements.

During her 10-year fight for divorce, she took a bold endeavour to study law and form a support group for people who are going through divorce. While hardships make people cold, in Vandana’s case, it has made her more empathetic.

Here’s how she’s helping people sail through divorce:

360 Degrees Back to Life is a non-profit organisation by Vandana Shah and group. It is a gender-neutral group which provides positive perspective to people going through divorce.

DivorceKart is the world’s and India’s first legal app which provides free aid and information about divorce. Queries can be asked for which advocates trained by Vandana Shah will answer instantly. And one can remain anonymous and choose not to disclose personal information while using the app.

VanadanaShah is Vandana’s website from which one can get more information about the services her firm provides and ways to contact. Divorce consultation, alimony, child support, property division, sexual harassment and marital settlement are the areas of her expertise. She has provided support to more than 10,000 people already.

The Ex Files is a book by Vandana Shah about her own story of divorce. To people in the process of divorce, this book can offer immense emotional support.

360 Degrees Back to Life is also a book authored by Vandana Shah which is an account of a litigant’s humorous perspective on divorce.

In her interview for Better India, Vandana talks about how exciting her journey has been despite the struggles she had to go through. She’s definitely a hope, a beacon of strength and light to incompatible marriages.

Here’s my short story, ‘An Ex Ordeal,’ available for free reading in the Kindle store which throws light on coming to terms to the emotions of hatred, self-pity and revenge following a divorce.

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4 Replies to “Empathetic Divorce Support in India by Vandana Shah #WATWB”

  1. I have seen quite a few friends go through the stress, struggles and negative emotions of divorce. It affects not only their life but health too. Vandana is doing a fantastic job at supporting people who are going through divorce. Thanks for sharing her empowering story and initiative, Nandhini.

  2. It’s heartwarming to see emotional support offered where it is sorely needed. In my mind there are few actions more compassionate and giving than reaching out to help people so they will have an easier struggle than you did. Kudos to Vandana, and thanks for sharing this encouraging story.

  3. Hi Nandhini – I’m sure I’ve heard about her – but you’ve added to the story and reminded us all about the negative aspects of divorce and struggles some go through to get free. Vandana has done wonders through her own adversity … I bet she’s helped so many people and been able to guide them through one of the most upsetting troubles in life … congratulations to her. Thanks – a wonderful share – cheers Hilary


  4. Vandana is a doing a great service. Kudos!! Divorce is still a big taboo and women need all the help they can get.
    Thanks for sharing.

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