Time to turn down the Taboos

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Let’s foresee ourselves as those progressive set of people who drove the change, who our grandchildren will look up to!

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50 Damn Traditions which ruined Indian Womanhood

Damn Indian traditions

India – A land of rich cultural heritage and traditions! During my young growing-up days, this statement brought a wave of pride in me. That little girl was told to respect traditions; that little girl was taught to practice what people of several generations did and that little girl was made to believe that the traditions…

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How much Dowry are you Worth?

Ever wondered how much dowry you must demand your in-laws? If you are already married, are you sure you got the dowry that you deserve? Take a quick check of your worth! Click on the above image or click here. You need to choose a few details like age, education etc. from the given options.…

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