X for (E)xited, but not Extinct – The Existential Woes of the Bereaved Spouse

widower looking lonely and depressed

Death of your spouse rips down a substantial part of this bundle. And what remains is the naked you. What held and covered your propensities is no longer there. When you had to reach out for comfort and safety, when you wanted to cling to an anchor – to either lean on or vent out, or when you simply needed an opinion, there was another human you wouldn’t be afraid of disclosing your vulnerability. Marriage builds that space for us, to let loose what we otherwise wouldn’t. And, when that promised space turns non-existential one day, a portion in you turns barren. The void it forms in your being can only get heavier with days until with time, the leftovers of your bundle come to terms to life’s actuality.

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W for Widowhood – One withers away….at the last!


Widowhood! Having been contemplating on love relationships for quite a while now, it is hard to be here; on the grave of one of the spouses. In the last two posts, I talked about the final days of the couple together and how the hide-and-seek that death plays on each other can be intimidating for…

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50 Damn Traditions which ruined Indian Womanhood

Damn Indian traditions

India – A land of rich cultural heritage and traditions! During my young growing-up days, this statement brought a wave of pride in me. That little girl was told to respect traditions; that little girl was taught to practice what people of several generations did and that little girl was made to believe that the traditions…

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