Bunty, The Sailor Doll

We had completed class seven then. My best friend and I opened a library during the summer holidays. We named it ‘The Golden Library’. We collected all kinds of books from both our houses and begged a neighbour aunty to give us space in her huge veranda. With the help of a few wooden racks, we set the library. We decided to collect 25p for every book rented for a day. Initially, none were interested in our business. So we went door-to-door canvassing about our library. When parents finally visited us, unable to tolerate our pestering, we would encourage (literally force) them to choose a book for their children. Slowly, we picked up speed and in fact we did really encourage the habit of reading in our neighbour circle. And we managed to earn Rs. 200 in a month before our school reopened.

At the end, we spit all the books into two and took them back home. Many of my books reached her place and I received a lot of her’s too. That’s how Bunty comics – The Sailor Doll came to me. I’ve never been fond of comics. Once I had bought Archies comics and had it lying in my shelf for years before I gave it away to somebody. For some reason, this particular comics interested me.

Bunty comics

It is a fantasy comic of a young girl, whose name I don’t remember. She has a doll called Sam and they board a cruise on a school trip. During the course of the sail, Sam exhibits strange forms of communication as though he is trying to tell her something. One day, Sam slips off her and she is intrigued because she felt it was almost Sam had voluntarily slipped by himself.  She gets a dream where she sees Sam calling her name. And one day, she discovers a note from Sam’s pocket which reads Titanic and the date April 14, 1912. She finally understands that before Sam came to her, he was with a girl who drowned during the Titanic wreck. Strangely, the ship they were sailing in has close similarities like the name of the captain. At te end, exactly on April 14, Sam again slips off her hand, this time she is sure he did it and drowns into the water.

Bunty Comics April 2012

The emotion she feels after Sam falls into the water is what has made me remember this tale even after so many years. Both Sam and the girl love each other but it was something like unless Sam sacrifices his life in water, their ship would also have to meet the same fate as Titanic and the girl would have lost her life. The eerie incidences and the touching end has made an impact in me as a child.

Bunty Sam

Every time I hear the word comics, my memory drifts back to this story. Adding to my fond memory, this is in fact the only comics I’ve read till today!

Do you have a memorable comics-reading experience to share? Please share, I would love to hear.

This post is inspired by Indiblogger’s Indispire Edition 106:

Comics are something we all loved during childhood but now in the digital age many have closed down. Which ones were the ones you loved or if got a chance to read them, would love to have them again? #Mycomics

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