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There are times like relocating to a new town or starting a new life in a new city, when, out of the blue, we find ourselves in need of finding a reliable doctor and hospital. Trust me, much of general search in the internet has never been helpful in this case. Most of the general information and reviews about doctors and hospitals in India, available online, aren’t backed up with sufficient and dependable data.

To cater to this inevitable need of the time, Credihealth offers thoughtful online consultation for locating the right doctor and hospital to cover our needs and preferences. Here’s a quick list of how and for what Credihealth can be beneficial:

Credihealth Features

1. Get access to a reliable database of doctors and hospitals: When on the look-out for a specialist, we might spot a few clinics while driving or a neighbour might recommend someone. However, it might not be a comprehensive list. That’s the first step where Credihealth comes to our rescue. The website provides a wide source of credible information about doctors with respect to their specialization, education, years of experience, their practicing centres, consultation charges, to name a few. Additionally, one can shortlist doctors according to locality or other preferred criteria. For instance, below is a snapshot of pediatrics in Chennai, listed by Credihealth. Likewise, information related to hospitals based on locality, insurance coverage and facilities are also provided.

Credihealth Find Doctors

2. Choose doctors of a preferred criteria and compare: One might prefer a doctor at a near-by locality for convenience; other might weigh experience than other qualifications, yet some might be keen spending less for consultation. Depending on our individual preferences, we can select the doctors and get a comparative chart with Credihealth. For instance, I have chosen three pediatrics from the list mentioned above, based on the years of experience and here’s the comparative chart given by Credihealth which helped me to make a decision.

Credihealth Compare Doctors

3. Watch doctor interviews and patient feedback: This is a unique feature of Credihealth to further assist us in getting to know the doctors through their video interviews and through first-hand feedback from patients.

Credihealth Doctor Videos

4. Get personalized assistance through the journey of hospitalization: The database is only to kickstart your search. And Credihealth services just begins there! Do you want to book an appointment with a doctor or at a hospital from the comfort of your home, without going through the hassles of call waiting and IVR? Do you need further assistance in getting to understand the kind of complication your body is going through? Are you apprehensive about how much the overall procedure is going to cost you? Leave your worries to Credihealth! Their medical experts shall provide you guidance through every step of your medical need – from booking an appointment (with more than 500 hospitals in 10 major Indian cities) to taking care of the discharge procedures. The good news is that these services, including a comprehensive surgery estimate from 3 hospitals, are free.

5. Credihealth Blog: Their blog needs a special mention because it defines their true spirit of imparting health information and education to commoners. Diverse areas of health are covered, written in simple language without complicated medical terms. When you visit Credihealth, remember to see through the blog, you might find a few posts that would answer your quick health questions. 
Credihealth Blog

To get further insight about Credihealth, you can browse through their website, use the Credihealth Android app and look through their social media channels.

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