DIY Paper Hanging Butterflies – Home Decor

Living with kids who are capable of turning any decor at home upside down, I have kept the idea of a decorated home aside for a few years 😥 However, before my babies were about to land on Earth, I made sure to create unique nurseries for them; yes of course, to welcome them in a cozy, colourful ambiance though I know they are not going to remember it 🙄

diy butterfly

I am sharing here, one of the colourful decors I had made before my baby girl was born. I love butterflies and I know many does. A bunch of colourful butterflies hanging on a string from your wall does give a serene sight, perhaps even to babies. And the fact that it takes just a few minutes to get this done in a few easy steps adds more serenity to it.

diy home decor

If you want to do one like this, simply follow the images below! It can serve a fantastic decor for birthday parties and fairy-themed parties.

You will need:

Chart papers of colours of your choice

A string or woollen thread



A pen/sketch pen

Here’s the step-by-step instruction with images!

Make an outline of a butterfly on a chart paper.

diy butterfly

Cut along the outline. Make around 100 numbers of such butterfly cut-outs using different colours of papers. A easy way is to cut a bunch of papers kept one below the other instead of doing one by one.

butterfly diy cut outs

For additional design on the butterflies, draw patterns on a few of the cut butterflies in different colours, leaving the rest plain without patterns.

patterns on cut butterflies

Now fold a cut butterfly along the mid line. Apply glue or fevicol along the folded line. Do this for a pair.

apply glue on butterfly

Paste one of them first to a string or a woollen thread.

pasted butterfly

Paste the other pair on the backside of the first butterfly as shown in the image.

a pair of butterflies pasted

Open the wings of the butterflies and there you go!

DIY decor

Repeat it for around 8 to 10 pairs on one thread, placed equidistant. With 100 butterfly pieces, you can create 5 or 6 such butterfly threads.

hanging butterflies

Find a cozy spot on a wall, make the butterfly threads hang from the wall and watch them sway delightfully to the tunes of the wind.

home decor

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christmas decors


I’ve adapted the making of the hanging butterfly decor from Catch the Party website. Here’s the original pin I had followed through Pinterest.

hanging butterfly pin

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  1. Beautiful! 😊 I too love home decor but as you said, shelved the ideas until a few years 🙄 I had done some giant paper flowers for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. 🙂

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