Tupperware makes Meal time interesting for our Little Elsa & Simba fans!

2019 marked the beginning of the lunchbox-packing-eon of my life. Of course, I’ve been packing for the father, but that’s different altogether. You can have holidays and be assured whatever you send will return back empty. But packing a school meal box for a 6-year-old who gives that WTF look when you utter the name of a vegetable is a horror. It was interesting in the first few days, discovering new recipes, bragging colourful pics of dishes, and looking forward to the little boy’s comments. If you’ve been there, you will know how the spirit vanishes after your boy has cut down your long list of hard-researched, creative, so-believed scrumptious menu to two in just two weeks. Yes, post Wednesdays and until I finally fill something into the box on Fridays, I spend more of the morning hours in staring at the open fridge than cooking.

Six months into this lunchbox packing business now, I come to understand the nuts and bolts of this art. Presenting your meal in new lunch boxes once in a while is one. That’s where I say Tupperware’s new lunchbox and water bottles based on Disney animation movies can come into play.


Tupperware India, a global premium homeware brand, celebrates the love of its young fans with the launch of an exclusive range of products inspired by Disney’s animated musical fantasy film, Frozen 2 as it did in the past with The Lion King, The Avengers, and Aladdin.

The Disney Frozen 2 MyLunch is attractive and highly utilitarian. It lets you keep food separate and fresh with two inner compartments and a removable sealed inner container. Be assured that curry or sambar kept in the small container will not overflow into the main compartment.

MyLunch has been designed especially for kids. The tabs on the container make it easy to open. The liquid-tight inner container gives kids and adults the confidence to carry lunch around without any leakage. It’s compact and sleek design makes it easy to carry in a briefcase or a child’s backpack.

MyLunch is accompanied by a Disney Frozen 2 printed Cool N Chic bottle which is extremely easy to use and refill, making it ideal for children. It is an easy and sustainable way to carry water or your favorite beverage on the go. The ergonomic shape of the bottle makes it easy to hold and the flip top cap makes it easy to open. The wide mouth makes the bottle easy to clean and refill.

Disney Frozen 2 inspired collection, MyLunch and Cool N Chic bottle is available to buy across our direct-selling consultants and retail outlets. 750 ml FROZEN BOTTLE (2 pcs) is priced at INR 650 and MY LUNCH FROZEN will cost around INR 610. Both the items are also a perfect for giving as gifts to children this Christmas and for the New Year.

It must be noted that Mylunch is an award-winning product. It has won ‘The Economic Times Polymers Awards 2018’ in the category of Houseware & Kitchenware.

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