DIY Paper Lanterns: Diwali Decors in 5 Minutes

diy diwali lanterns

The festive chills are around the corner. Beautiful, colourful diwali decors can bring in cheer to our homes and work spaces. If the pre-festival situation doesn’t allow you to shop some cool decors online or visit a store, let it not pull down the festive glory. Try making these simple hanging lanterns using coloured papers – trust me, it takes only 5 minutes. And watch how it adds to your festive spirits!

diwali decors

All that you need to make these paper lanterns are:

  • Coloured chart papers
  • Measuring scale
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Stapler

This paper lantern consists of a three-part making process. Follow the images below and you must get it in no time:

Part – 1

diy lanterns

The measurements in image #1 is for a guidance. You can choose your desired length and width of the lantern. Note that the yellow one is longer than the blue sheet.

The blue paper in the image above makes the inner roll. Make a roll and glue the ends and staple them if you need to.

Part – 2

diwali decor

Now fold the yellow paper to half its length. Make strips of equal size, taking care to cut only till the line marked in the image above. Do not cut them till the end of the sheet. Open it up; you must get something like in image #8.

hanging lanterns

Paste one end of the yellow paper to the blue roll as shown in image #10. You must now see the other end of the yellow sheet being longer than the blue roll. Paste it end-to-end with the blue roll. Refer to the images below if it’s confusing.

home decors

When you are done pasting, you will get what you see in image #14. If you want a handle on the top, you can cut a thin strip and staple them.

Part – 3

diwali home decors

To add the jingles to the bottom, cut thin strips, leaving the ends (like in image #16). Glue them on to one end of the lantern. Spread the strips out. Here you have – an eye-catching lantern!

Make as many as you like in different colours and sizes. Add more aesthetic items and hang them from the ceiling of your rooms. Behold, the beauty!

Click on the image below for a DIY guide for another lovely decor, which you can include in your hanging lanterns.

home decors diy

If you got to try these lanterns, please do leave a comment below of how you liked them.

Wishing you all a Happy Diwali and a great festive time! 

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