Towards an organized 2020!

I am already breathing in 2020!

I breathe a fresh, new look of our home. Not that I have a vision for a tidy, picture-perfect home. That can only be a myth, I know. But I envisage a better-organized space which is going to help me breathe a little more or at least not a little less.

If you are walking in my lane, let’s do it together!

We have 5 weeks to go for 2020. Let’s make the most of it. Let’s wake up to an organized year. Let’s defy poverty of space. Let’s save time on useless work. Let’s bring new clarity, a new definition and a new spark of joy to every little thing around us. Let’s organize!

I am no expert in organization. In fact, if ever our home is tidy, there can be only one reason – guests are arriving in ten minutes 🙁 Yet, I believe ideas and inspirations can come from anywhere 😉

Before I begin, let me get some things clear!

The schedules that will be mentioned are meant for breaking if it eases your mind.

Organization can mean different to different people.

Homes and spaces are of myriad shapes and sizes.

You can bookmark the ideas and come back in November 2020 😀

It’s all just o-k-a-y!

So, what are we going to do?

home organization schedule

That’s the general idea. You can make a schedule that works for you, even if it has to extend into 2020. Anything that doesn’t panic you, confine you or frustrate you – is – alright!

Week 1 

Where do we start now?

Look around. With the first round, you may get a vertigo. It may feel it’s perhaps not the best time to dust-off old stuff. That’s alright. Let the day pass by. When you wake up the next day, if you still think it’s not the best time, let the day pass by. Instead, if you feel a calling, there you are!

Look around. This time look around with the hope that you are getting started to something amazing. Organizing the things you use every day is very closely associated with organizing an invisible something in your brain. When you create more breathable space in your home, you are also creating more breathable space in your brain.

What do you want to organize?

Well, it need not necessarily be your home that you want to organize. I know of men who think home organization is out of their scope, though it is not a bad idea to inspire your wife to organize the kitchen. But, there must be other stuff you think can be organized. Your inbox? Files and folders? Home documents, insurances? Office desk? Home work desk? Maybe your closet? Think of what that is.

What’s the problem with how things are now?

There’s no point in spending time on what’s already organized, neat and easy to work and use. It is better to leave it alone. The things that should grab your attention are:

Is there a space or corner from which things have not been moved for more than 3 months? Could be a pile of books, the old newspapers.

Does something make your everyday routine inconvenient? I find the round masala box (anjarai petti) inconvenient though it is a traditionally accepted kitchen item. It’s space-occupying and not so very easy to handle when there are already a dozen of pans on the kitchen top. Make a list of such activities in your daily life.

What would you like to change?

It need not be just about things. It can be the way you do a chore or an expectation you have about how something must work. Are you tired of using the big mixie jar because the smaller one broke? Will a new jar make your life easy? Does folding clothes an ever-procrastinated chore? Do you wish you had a better option to arrange clothes? Again, make a list.

Do you need to buy new stuff?

Perhaps you need more storage containers in the kitchen. You may need more racks in the shoe stand. You may need extra lunch boxes. Of course, at any time of life, there would be a hundred things we wish we bought new. But re-organizing isn’t about buying new stuff alone. In fact, it’s about avoiding adding meaningless new stuff.

If you think you need to buy new things, make a list before you go to the store. This will prevent you from randomly picking things that you really don’t need. If you are buying online, leave the things in the cart for a couple of days. After a while, check if the stuff in the cart still feels worthy.

Is there something you can recycle or reuse?

Recycling is a personal choice. You may choose to stick to everything new. But if you would like to reuse and recycle, make wise picks of what you can realistically do. Hoping to recycle something in the future and storing it, just to add to the existing clutter, is no good.

What is your priority?

An important aspect of organization is to define your priorities. You may envisage a classy arrangement of home. You may be happy with the things available already. One may want eco-friendly stuff. Maybe a plastic-free home. For instance, I may want to make minimalism a priority. Having a definition helps, especially if you are confused about what kind of organization you want to do. 

How do you want to organize?

The very next question – how do you want to go about it? You can spend an entire weekend to sort out things. You can spend 30 minutes – 1 hour a day to sort out whatever you can. You may take help from others. You may be your best doing it alone. You may start with the kitchen. You may start with whatever is easier. I prefer to start with whatever is abundant. And it obviously is the toys and kids’ stuff. You may have abundant clothes. You may want to sort out clothes.

You can ask more questions to arrive at a point when you fairly know what to do. If you are with me, in the coming week, we are going to

Plan. Think. Think & Plan.

If time doesn’t permit you to plan, think about the things that need organizing when you are traveling, cooking or waiting for a cab. Take pictures of your home or the things you want to organize. Looking at the pictures can give you a spark of thought. You can also compare ‘before’ and ‘after’ the organization work. You may also want to procure things which you think you really need.

Some starters…

  • Sort the medicine box. Clear off the expired ones
  • Find the missing pairs of socks
  • Make kitchen storage easier
  • Peep into what’s inside the cardboard boxes under the cot
  • What to do with the old books?
  • How many worn-out shoes are preserved?
  • Is the newspaper pile too big?
  • Can kids’ clothes be donated?
  • Is it time to discard the old, school stuff?
  • Can the stationary drawer be less messy?

I’ll come back with the week 2 post next Friday. Until then, let’s look around, get geared up, and plan! 

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