Embarking on Design without Borders

false ceiling gyproc

How fascinating would it be if we were to re-design the world without borders!? Not only shall our travel experiences be liberating but also our perception about people, culture and their emotions shall find a chance, to discover the deep connection that we as human race share at our core. With plethora of hysterical borders raised between each other, human hearts have succumbed to the false reality of disparities and inequalities. Said that, to embark on Design without Borders, is an imperative trend for human evolution in the new age. And aptly, it has been adapted as the theme for World Interiors Day, this year!

Designers, today, encompass futuristic ideas in their design practices with human experience at the heart of their work. While designing without borders could have literal interpretation, it can also reflect a designer’s intrinsic values in binding the diverse human population under one umbrella of faith in life and existence.

Trends to look for in 2018

As 2017 came to a close embracing minimalism, the dawn of 2018 foresaw anything but minimalism in the designing world. From hues to textures, homes and work spaces carry bold looks, revolving more around hoarding most of what is available than minimal utilization. Here is what 2018 spells like, in the designers’ front:

Natural Materials With an overdose of technology around us, 2018 weaves in more of natural elements like bamboo, granite and pebbles, to entwine an earthy feel around our fast-paced lives.

Geometric Patterns Though it has seen saturation in 2017, bold geometric patterns continue to intrude our rooms in brand new throws. It speaks the inner mind of a designer as much as highlighting the statement of a space.

Artisan Touches Be it the choice of the lamp material or cushion texture, handmade is taking an upper hand now. Basketweave rugs and macrame wall hangings can spill in your homes, the artistry of creative endeavours.

Rich Shades Soft hues take a break this year to pave way for bright, dashing colours all around. Think of daring reds and bold greens instead of quiet greys and pale yellows!

Metallic Fixtures Brass and gold accents are to dominate our living spaces this year. Glossy metallic embellishments take a back step to be replaced with homey brass in handles and furniture legs.

False Ceilings add Glamour to our Living Spaces

When we look high up at the sky in an open space, doesn’t the vastness above inspire us silently? Doesn’t it remind us of the far-flung universe we all are a part of, as a minuscule? In our homes within, designers have realistically captured the metaphoric connection of the vast sky to the uninterruptedly-rolled-out ceilings, making the space above our heads enticing for our everyday dose of inspiration. Yeah, false ceilings can decorate our living and office spaces in ways unimaginable! Professional solution providers like Gyproc have mastered the art of designing innovative false ceilings, perfecting to people’s needs and tastes.

false ceiling gyproc
False ceilings can decorate our living spaces in ways unimaginable

False ceilings no longer serve as mere hide-outs for electrical ducts and pipes, but also facilitate thermal insulation, acoustic balance and reduce the need for artificial lighting. Thus, in addition to enhancing the aesthetic feel, they also improve energy efficiency making for both a luxurious and a dynamic need.

false ceiling living room
Space-constricted urban homes depict spaciousness with designer ceilings

False ceilings are popularly thought to characterize geometry in a given space. However, modern-day designers turn ceilings to an impactful element of our home environment with novel fixtures. Spot lights make integral decors of ceilings, defining the mood of the room – warm, cozy or bright. The choice of material and texture of false ceilings are put to use in highlighting visual appeal of the space. Cut-outs within false ceilings give a creative hand to designers, especially as a tool to open doors in design thinking.

false ceiling corridorThoughtfully illuminated ceilings add depth to narrow corridors

Designer ceilings can add depth to narrow corridors, as in the image above. Even smaller homes can be set to depict spaciousness with combination of frames, colour matching, symmetry and other components, all of which are to sync in accordance with customers’ style and need.

Drywalls render Statement and Spatial Organisation

Dry wall
Dry wall by Gyproc

Space-constricted urban homes today largely depend on a designer’s imagination for elegance and organization.  Drywall by Gyproc is a lightweight interior wall system which can effectively function as wall partitions within rooms and office spaces. With designers being constantly challenged to make more with less, drywalls come as gizmos to designers for efficient planning of contemporary home designs.

drywall gypsum plaster
Drywalls can be played on their built and designs to suit our inner projections

Drywalls are steel frames encased in gypsum plasterboards and screwed with classy finish on the exterior. They offer flexibility, durability, sound insulation apart from the aesthetic sense it imparts to our homes. Drywalls can be played on their built and designs to suit our inner projections. If you prefer an open-concept living room and would like to include a subtle, low-heighted partition across the kitchen reception area, drywalls can do the magic without the traditional heavy walls. As a designer, if you are confined by space and non-expansive ideas, adapt drywalls in your projects; you are sure to impress your client’s emotions in an inexplicable way.

With technology beating fast in all our other life fronts, a little of it is now peeping into how our homes look and feel too. False ceilings and drywalls have been bringing in a design revolution for a few years now. And they hold a wealth of promise to designers as well as in people’s lives, redefining the way we live with walls and ceilings.

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