Your Reality is Just One of the Many Possibilities Out There!

Cover image showing two different possibilities of the same phenomenon.

With this example of the stereogram, it can be demonstrated that there can be two realities about this single phenomenon – the butterfly exists, or it doesn’t. That is, it is our reality that creates our beliefs. Our reality, in turn, stems from our perception. In our day-to-day lives, we are not going to read the reality we are living in as if it were written in a manual. However, our reality is constantly expressed through our thought patterns, our beliefs, and in fact through what happens to us every moment.

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Nature is Home; not a Place to Visit

Background image of a human form and title over it

What is Nature? The lush green meadows, the tall forests, the snow-capped mountains – the natural environment – is that all nature is about? Do we observe and comprehend Nature? Anything that’s thrown in the air ought to fall back to the ground. To understand this phenomenon, one does not need to be educated, know science, be a philosopher, or a genius. Can you answer the other questions in this post without googling? It’s not about if you are knowledgeable or know the science behind it. It’s simple – have you observed it in your body before? 

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And Yet It Moves!

Image of Maple leaf. Title text on the image.

At several periods in the course of human history, human assumptions and beliefs have been challenged by people who observed Nature. Though such people may face opposition and their theories may eventually die, the truth in their words shall not. ‘In Pursuit of Nature’ is a blog series about looking for Nature in everything, for Man – his science, his religion, and his doctrines – are susceptible to falsification, but not Nature!

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