Uncanny Intuition in your Child: Why not to Dismiss it!

uncanny intuition in children

Young children below seven years may lack the emotional maturity to deal with the uncanny intutions they are experiencing. It is critically important for parents to identify such emotional difficulties if their child were to go through. They need love and understanding and anything out of the loving way is going to make them feel worse. 

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Screen Time: How do we help before it matters too much to Children?

screen time for children

Screen time is one of the burning parenting issues of the era! What do children do with the screens? How do we choose what to allow our children to watch?How much screen time is alright for children? What’s so bad about screen time for children? How do we regulate screen time for children? Should we, adults, limit our screen time in front of our children?Will engaging kids in other activities help in cutting down screen time? How to handle emotional meltdowns associated with screen time? To parents of toddlers who don’t have screen time yet, how should you begin screen time to your kids? For parents of children who have moderate screen time. For parents whose children have excessive screen time.

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Connecting the dots…..

Spirituality Quotes

We all know what we seek though outwardly it may seem we don’t know sometimes. The more we follow what we seek, the more we take a step forward in our evolution. The more we neglect, overlook and justify for not following what we sekk, the more we lag behind. Yet, we will be given another chance in another disguise. It shall go on until we connect all the dots together.

Perhaps, connecting the dots is what we all are doing lives after lives!

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Consciousness Studies @ University of Northampton

The very hear of the word consciousness sends goose bumps across my nerves. So much of my being is magically wired with this term! When a friend once defined consciousness as the opposite of lying in coma, it brought both laughter and tears in me, not that it’s not right; but to realize the extent…

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Walking through an Unknown Village in the Distant Past

This post won the Runner-Up Prize for the I am Explorer Blogging Contest powered by Indiblogger & sponsored by Tata Safari Storme Anie’s mother was narrating to me some kind of history with the help of a photo book. As she turned the next page of this book, I felt something unnerving running down my spine. What could it be?…

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Signs & Synchronicities – Do they really speak to us?

My blog has been looking weird for a while without a weird topic. So comes this post to kick-start my weird brain again………….grrrrr…………!!!! Have you ever had this experience of while shuffling the TV channels you bumped into a TV serial where a scene so exactly resonating with your current life was going on? Have you ever happened…

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Calling the Dead – Who moves the Coin on the Ouija Board?

Playing ouija boards, more popularly identified as the planchettes, used to be a popular spooky experiment in college hostels a decade before. (Wonder what the trend is today as many sought-after affairs would have been developed in a decade ;)) Probably, the young inquisitive minds, the thrill associated, no prohibiting elders near-by, the strength in being in a group were all supportive…

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Pre-Birth Experiences

This strange incident (as explained by her) happened to one of my friends, a psychic with uncanny intuitive abilities in 2008. Soon after my sister was conceived, I had a vivid vision (that’s how I can call it) one day. I came to know through the vision that my sister is bearing twins and that sadly both these souls have agreed to…

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Deja vu – What’s Beyond the Fantasy?

This is in continuation with my previous post on deja vu – My Deja vu Moments – Captured and Painted! So what happened about the row of houses, the old brick house and the red T-shirt guy of the first post? The Row of Houses     Nothing beyond that experience. The Old Brick House  Helped me to…

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My deja vu Moments – Captured and Painted!

Everytime while I hold my paint brush, there’s a voice in me that whispers “Before you die, make everything to be captured on the canvas – What you see, what you hear, what  you smell, taste, feel, think – just everything!” Though a fanciful conception, there were actually many moments in my life that have been manifested on my canvases, at least those…

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