My deja vu Moments – Captured and Painted!

Everytime while I hold my paint brush, there’s a voice in me that whispers “Before you die, make everything to be captured on the canvas – What you see, what you hear, what  you smell, taste, feel, think – just everything!” Though a fanciful conception, there were actually many moments in my life that have been manifested on my canvases, at least those strikingly gripping ones.

Might sound bizarre, but my fingers have tried translating sounds into colours, motions into stills, odours into figures, tastes into art, touches to curves and thoughts to waves. That’s how I knew that colours need not be soothing, stills need not be realistic, figures need not be perfect, art need not be explained, curves need not be defined, waves need not be uniform –  Feeling the liberty in an artist’s hands is a beauty beyond imagination!

deja vu – I don’t know how many of you believe in this phenomenon.  I hope at least few of you must have experienced the so-called sense of familiarity at a new place, with a new person or by a warm touch sometime. The first time I ever felt it, was during a trip to Mt. Abu (Rajasthan). As we were climbing up the hills, our car had to halt for a while for traffic clearance. When we were about to restart in a minute,  I happened to turn towards the window on my left.

                There was an empty row of houses within a compound wall and nobody to be seen around. And lo! For what so ever reason, my heart jumped – this is my place! How do I describe that mental confusion? It was like the now and the here were fading away and I felt the past and the present episodes overlapping inside my head. Instantly my hand went to the car door knob, I could not stop myself from getting down to reach my place. Alas! By that time, our car had to move and I was seated back. Though at that age (13 yrs), deja vu had not been entered in my dictionary yet, the ‘sudden jolt’ I felt had remained an indisputable evidence of the phenomenon.

The scence is vague in my memory now. Mobile cameras were not in use those days. What  can I say?  – Memories without a front page cover!

However, my recent deja vu glimpses have got a shape through my paintings. This picture of an old brick house  seen above (left) was clicked at Varathur, Bangalore. Walking along with a  group of friends, this building brought back the eerie feeling in me again on that day. Obeying the inner voice, I painted this deep memory (right) which now stands high on my room wall.

I realized today that I had missed the original photo of the brick house, taken two years before. Just to add the picture here, I went crazy enough to visit Varathur today, traced back this house and you won’t believe what I saw. The building was the same except for the greenery around. And there was this huge bull dozer, ready to demolish the house! The workers were already on their hands and I managed to take the last pictures of the house. Should I call it a coincidence? I don’t know. But this house exists no more even as I type these words!


The next time a deja vu happened to me was during our trip to Kemmangudi (Near Bangalore). A new friend of mine who is posing next to me in the picture above (left) became so familiar and connected to my heart at this particular place that I was getting convinced that past lives and soul mates cannot be laughed at. Probably it exists! Where else can a deep filial affection for a stranger come from. I called this oil painting reunion (right) which gives company to the brick house in my room now.

Few more have been added to my deja vu gallery from then. Feeling their presence everyday, I feel the deja vu myth can survive a reality too!

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 In continuation to this post, the next post Deja vu – What’s Beyond the Fantasy speaks about deja vu at the ground level.

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  1. Amazing post!
    Amazing idea!

    Wonder how many of us actually think of sharing deja vu experiences by capturing it on camera and then painting them.

    1. Thanks a lot Balaji! I have fantasized of having an art record of my life events even as a kid… endless craziness 🙂 Thanks for your vote!

  2. Hey nandhu, thats interesting……I too have had too many deja vu moments before I knew what deja vu is? or the name! Now its really nice to see you bring those moments in canvas to record them as you have seen them!! Kudos…..

    Wish you good luck for the contest…. (but could not find the right link to promote…..send me by email)


    1. Thanks a ton Hari! It’s interesting to have a record of incidents in an art form. I remember this in 2 movies too. In baby’s day out, the movie starts with the mom explaining the sketch album to the kid. Same scene in panchathanthiram too.

      Thanks for your vote!

  3. how are you!This was a really brilliant post!
    I come from roma, I was fortunate to come cross your Topics in yahoo
    Also I learn much in your Topics really thank your very much i will come later

  4. Brilliant! Liked the idea and the way you have conceptualized the mobile captures into paintings. May you win the contest and my best wishes for your post. (I have voted for your post on indiblogger!)

  5. Wow!! awesome post. very intriguing indeed and I must say you have paint really well.
    Intriguing enough to make me visit your blog to read newer posts! :D..
    Keep penning down your thoughts..


  6. Hii Nandini, you’re quiet good in captured anything and everything on the canvas and on paper. Really liked the RadhaKrishna in your orkut album. Inspired to draw something today. I appreciate you for having a very active imagination but I feel you often get carried away with your thoughts. Isn’t it so?

    Anyways coming to deja vu moments, until now I personally never had any such moments or eerie feelings, but I have encountered situations wherein others said that they have already seen me somewhere before and felt connected to me. But I know I haven’t

    As the way I see things, attraction happens for some good reason and as our thoughts and desires seed the field of existence with intentions, we’re most likely to be drawn to someone we have something in common with. Whatdayathink?

    1. Appreciate your time for the comment. Thanks and Radhakrishna is my favourite too.

      //I feel you often get carried away with your thoughts. Isn’t it so?//

      If you believe in the categorisation of types of personalities, then everybody will fall in to one or the other or in more than one. And it sometimes varies from one phase of life to another. Moods are relative, so no judgements here.

      //we’re most likely to be drawn to someone we have something in common with//

      I believe in the existence of several forces which are beyond human intentions and desires. The hidden forces that my very first post talks about. So this question is beyond my knowledge to answer. I am skipping it 😉

    1. Hahahha…..the real pics would feel jealous now 😉 And thanks for that second line. More than the winning it is the worth the members give which is truly satisfying. Best wishes Abhishek!

  7. I have experienced Deja Vu but most of the it was in my memory, there were days when i used to continuously come up with incidents that seemed to happen the same night in my head.

    Once, when i was young, i had not done my homework, i never do it till date :P, but i was asleep and in my dreams, my teacher came and caned me for not submitting the homework, out of pain or fear i woke up and ran.

    I ran to my study tablet, picked up my notebook, held a pen and started writing, whatever the answers came to me, after reading the text, i wrote it down.

    School began, classes arranged, teachers asked, “Submit your homework!”, i got up and did, and she. “Quite surprising, rakesh ne bhi homework kiya hai!”

    That day i realized, dreams can save you.

    1. Sush a sweet school day memory! Our intuitions wake us up sometimes to warn us. It’s our choice to heed to it or not. Am glad you did 🙂 Thanks for visiting and sharing, Rakesh

  8. Dear Nandu, I love the way you have portrayed your deja vu moments! I am too amazed by this phenomenon and always keep wondering why they happen! I have my own shares of deja vu but sadly for me they are in dream format, and are often followed by events in real life. The eerie feeling that you get when you feel like you know what is going to happen next and how it is going to go! Anyways, thanks for the post, very interesting! Cheers. Cathy

    1. Hey Cathy…

      Why are you sad that they are in the dream format? At least you can trace back it’s a dream, isn’t? And my next post discusses briefly why this happens.

      This is actually an interesting point that we know what is going to happen next which I have missed to cover. Good you brought it up.

      Grateful for your regular visit and participation. Loads of Love Cats!

  9. Brillaint post N andhu ! u r too good both in writing and painting. keep up the good work. All the best for the contest !

  10. I definitely believe in soul mates and you can have more than one. Read Paulo Coelho’s Brida.

    And that house, perhaps it was waiting for you…

    1. I’ve heard of that book. Will get it today. Thanks for your input. Yeah likely waiting for me……Thanks a lot for your time! Keep visiting.

  11. Hey Nandhu,

    A good post. A nice and different thought that you have brought out here. I have experienced Deja vu moments too but I am not able to recollect them. Good luck on this competition. Wishes for continuing to writing blogs. Some people begin with enthusiasm and stop as the interest fades. (I meant myself).


    1. Yes, unless we recollect those instances in our memory, we don’t generally remember them. It just goes off insignificantly.

      And now that you have a lot of time, you can re-start posting in your blog. You get to learn more as you write.

      Oh! I don’t even remember anymore that I’ve submitted this one for the contest 😉 Thanks for your wishes.

  12. I was a little late in promoting..but i did 🙂
    Interesting Deja Vu moments! And lovely capture, and painting, as always dear!

    1. Thanks Anu. Everytime I see this picture of your’s I am tempted to paint. Tell me when you are visiting India next time, will make it ready for you.

  13. Amazing piece of work… I really liked what you done in your article.. I too like painting.. and give it a try once in a while.. but what you have done is simply..amazing..

    I shall vote for you …for the Share life contest & will keep coming to your blog…

    1. Thanks a lot!! Great to know you have interest in painting too. And again thanks for your vote, please do visit often. You have a nice post too, have left a comment. Good wishes!

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