Why Ayodhya Verdict Not in My Favour?

September 30th 2010 will be another date for school students to remember for their history exams. One more day for reporters and TV news channels to get into a festival mood of saffrony Vs. greeny celebrations. Unimaginably, four full days for school and college students to wake up late in the mornings. Hot hot discussions for coffee lovers over their coffees. Alas! I am in the office!

Kindly excuse me, if you opened to read guessing it’ll be on the real issue. Even in the wildest of my wild dreams, I cannot write a post on politics. My ‘political’ knowledge is that low. Even now, sometimes I get confused if Sonia Gandhi belongs to Congress or BJP.

All that I am disappointed about is it happened to be a working day for me.

Bangalore today as how it appears to be in the morning of the Ayodhya D-day:

Bangalore roads appear scarcely populated, hence scarcely polluted too (Unlike the usual scenario shown in the picture).

BMTC buses seem to accommodate everybody with their own seats.

No cops to be seen anywhere, contrary to the ‘tight security’ appearing in the newspapers.

Well, Bangaloreans???

Most people are not concerned about what the judgement is going to be.

Most people are not expecting riots as media have warned enough about riots.

Most people are happy it’s on a Thursday – Thurs to Sun off is a good deal!

Few people like me are waiting daringly to witness the consequences in the evening.

And I cannot end up this post without mentioning about what I heard from a parkite (an ITPL, Bangalore employee) while boarding the ITPL bus – “At least an empty bus coming out of a bus depot must be burnt to initiate fear in the public, so that our offices will immediately declare a holiday”. Few younsters’ opinions in an article in Bangalore Mirror, yesterday, almost mirrored the same.

It’s the holidays which matter to most of us after all! The actual judgement is important only to a handful of people while compared to the entire country’s population.

P.S: I couldn’t recognise the expansion of D in Ayodhya’s D-day, may be it stands for declaration. This is how it appeared in Times of India today; ITPL – International Tech Park Ltd.

Photo Courtesy – www.janaagraha.org/node/537

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  1. hahahaha, i read your blogs topic, n started lookun at other pendin works, as like you i have no understandin watsoeva! 🙂 and den i read it finally 😛 hehehehe, d ans to the ques in title is “your not in favour coz its not a holiday” lol. I love u more 🙂
    Sonia Gandhi in congress, her surname reminds me her pol party 😛
    and well, considerin ur reply to my mail n this blog, ur infected wid “fun” bug….hehehe, Awesome!
    in a way it is sad dat its suc an imp issue and well i feel like d person is speakin greek wen this topic comes up, but things like politics n religion i feel were invented to create divide between ppl in general instead of harmony 🙁

  2. For sure lots of fun bugs around me, so can’t help getting infected with 🙂

    Though politics and religion were not intended to be created to divide people, it has ben made that way these days. When I hear ‘politics’, my mind takes me to some few 100 years back when there were kings ruling their places and people with utmost courtesy, lawful laws and generosity. Time of no thefts, no back bitings, no pulling downs, no rapes, no…….what not? This fantasy is the only solace thinking about this word. Coming back to the reality of this word bothers a lot!

    (Actually we use this term ‘politics’more often to point out something wrong like he plays politics around, while the actual meaning is governance).

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  4. Hey Nandhini! u have a nice name 🙂

    yeah, actually, how does it really matter to this generation what happens to Ayodhya? also, most of us dont know much about it. and don’t feel the need to know also. although, I read a little history in newspaper, I mean, don’t see any point fighting for it.

    u have written which on the mind of any youngster of this age.


    1. Good to know there are other people too on my terms. I thought the rest of the world other than me knew all politics and world affairs 😉 Am not alone 🙂

      Thanks for your comment. Keep visiting!

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