Reliving Our First Dates!

He looks. She looks away
She looks. He looks away.
An uneasiness. An effort to behave natural.
Smiles preceding and proceeding words. And their eyes meet –
No lub, No dub – their hearts skipped their respective beats!

His eyes, born-admiring; her eyes, born-twinkling.
Exposing the naked blushes through their dressed-up smiles.
Their hand touches.
Hairs, eye lids, ears, lips, fingers -all watching except their eyes.
Time was a reality in their pasts – not anymore.
Heart beating 120/minute now – compensating the skipped ones.
Blood reaching every nook and corner of their bodies.
Hormones jumping in joy through their arteries!

Nothing else to conquer, as they walk back home.
Their modesties reaching their peaks.
Racing motorist, crawling old lady, dog –
all left way for. Reaching home –
Moms are beautiful, even dads seem to be nice men today.
Food – not required for living anymore.
Sleep – only for geeks.
Phone rings – only silence remains!

(May be 6 months pass. And no matter how hard they choke their hearts, there wouldn’t be any skipping of beats ;))

Writing about dates reminds me of a funny quote by Einstein. When once he was asked to explain his theory of relativity in simpler terms, he explained as “when a man sits near a hot stove, a minute seems like an hour. When the man sits with a beautiful girl, an hour  seems like a minute. That’s relativity”.

Fun apart, whether it’s the first date with your first partner or first date with the nth partner, first date is a first date.  There are only few moments in life when time comes to a halt. This is one such moment. However, sometimes as calendars roll and though you live with your loved one everyday, those butterflies which giggled from inside your tummies on the first date go missing somewhere.

This post is especially for people in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 100s and extra-specially for people who live longer than 100. Do you still admire her eyes and smile? Do you still take pride in holding his hand as you did on your wedding day? Do you still pull her down for silly jokes? Do you still blush when he takes your hand for a kiss?

If such small love-makings have been missing, just close your eyes for a while and relive your first dates. Relive so that your hearts skip a beat again. Relive so that time freezes in your memories again. After all, reliving is relieving! And when you open your eyes, go to her and say she is still beautiful and that he is still a darling to you.

To me, even a legally divorced couple, in their 50s, while they sit facing each other, if their hearts skip a beat, they have actually had a successful love life!

Relive your first dates! Climb down the ladder of years to become 30 years younger!

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  1. awesome nandhu… u r really good 🙂 though am not in my 50’s now,after three years of marriage i still feel the same way when we go out as i used to before marriage.. years may pass but the heart witrh true love always remain fresh and young…

  2. Nandhu……Awesome! You rock……way to go. I never knew you could bring in so much reality so well and fittingly in a well written blogpost like this……trust me, now that I am a fan of ur blogposts!

    The poem is a handsdown winner……

    Congrats, keep going!

    1. No thankyou words to pour! Absolutely love your appreciations! And I owe a lot to you as you were the first inspirer behind my blog world. Ever-grateful 🙂

  3. Ah your Einstein’s quote took me to a book that read sometime back on the relativity and the innovations that lead to technological advancements in space research. Now let me go figure out why he said so… obviously that would be more interesting too!

    Can’t agree more on the summary. Life is too short and making faces away means we are only wasting time and not living the life to its best 🙂 Good blog you have Nandhini, will be frequent going forward.

    1. I read this Einstein’s explantion in an english prose while I was in school in 7th class. And actually I understood the concept of relativity through this much much better than by all the mathematical derivations in physics texts. That’s why I still remember this so well 🙂

      //Can’t agree more on the summary. Life is too short and making faces away means we are only wasting time and not living the life to its best//

      I went through the post line by line again. Sorry that I couldnt catch where making faces away was mentioned. Does it refer to the very first two lines?

      Thanks a lot for your time Mohan! Good wishes!

      1. That comes from the very first few lines

        He looks. She looks away
        She looks. He looks away.
        An uneasiness. An effort to behave natural.

  4. @ Mohan, the summary part is a poetical description of a first date, an expression of the subtle feelings that the girl and the boy go through when they meet first. Initially when he looks in to her eyes, her eyes feel shy and turn away. When she takes the turn to look into his eyes, he is unable to hold looking into her eyes and his eyes turn away:)

  5. Awesome post..
    But I would like to add that though I am still in my late twenties this feeling applies to me and people younger to me too.Who were/are/will be in a relationship..coz first date/love is always special and it minds no age limits.. 🙂

  6. OH MY GOD:::!

    That Poem…! especially

    Those first ten lines…! .If its your creation, then …… one of the BEST thing !

    (Onum elutha mudila.. vartha thadumaruthuuu pooo)

    1. //If its your creation……//

      When I write something nice, why do you guys have to doubt all the time 😉 Thanks and there are many more posts left to be commented 😉

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