Frustrations…..Keep a Watch!


Frustrations……!!!This post is not going to discuss what causes them, not going to advice you on how to handle them, not going to help you come out of them. Then…??? It comes to remind you that sometimes they are right there, just behind your shoulders.  And one turn – you might be saved!


This is what a frustration-filled week in the recent past had taught me.

Your deadline is near, somebody in your family doesn’t understand you, your long-awaited appraisal seems like ever-to-be-awaited, the guilt, the anger, the hatred or the resentment that you’ve been carrying since long. How much of your emotions they rob off! How much of your thoughts they take part in! How much of your yells they laugh at! While it has become almost next to impossible to get rid of these, I want to warn you about the moment they are just about to attack you.

For instance, you wake up and as you are getting ready, you are thinking about and only about the argument you had with your wife the previous night. “She just cannot understand what I mean. She is….She should….She cannot….She….” The day continues with the guilt of getting late, with anger at the fellow you came your way on the road, the…..

Now just believe in this without looking out for logic and reasons. All that you have to do is remember these words keep a watch. As you get ready and last night’s  arguments begin unwinding, remember you read ‘keep a watch’ in this blog. Keep a watch of what? Actually nothing! You are not going to keep a watch of your thoughts. In fact you cannot keep a watch of anything when your anguish is so over-powering.

What is  k e e p  a  w a t c h  going to do then?

As you read this,  imagine frustrations to be separate entities waiting outside your mind. Waiting like a silent cat for the right time to attack you (As a matter of fact, it’s not imagination; a reality many a times).  Associate keep a watch to save yourselves from these entities. The next time when those disturbing (but attached to) mental stories begin, you are going to remember keep a watch! If you are now thinking this is mere psychology and if it’s going to work for you, you are not doing the right thing.

We exist. They exist too. But we will keep a watch 🙂

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  1. i L.O.V.E.D the concept…. 🙂
    (remember i asked you, wat r u doin? And u replied “doing inception” well, u were in a sci-fi type world nonetheless 🙂 )

  2. It is very essential to “keep a watch” on what arises in the mind. (You have taken it a step ahead and kept it out of the mind). Merely watching it does help to keep frustration at bay.
    Mindfulness – a Buddhist concept is all about keeping a watch.

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