The Sun Enters Loving Libra!

If you’ve ever known a Libra, you know they’re as concerned with your needs as they are with their own. In fact, they’ll do almost anything to avoid a conflict!

Libra is a smiling representative of Venus — the planet that represents love, beauty, harmony and cooperation. As such, those born under this sign are always ready to do whatever they can to smooth things over, make peace and bring warring factions together. It’s not an easy job, but they’re good at it — really good. There’s nothing a Libra wouldn’t do to keep their loved ones happy. Better yet, they never barge through the door first, take the last piece of turkey on the plate or forget to write thank-you notes promptly. Call to mind all the Libras in your life, and you’ll likely see that they’re the people you think of first when you’re planning a party — or any social event, for that matter.

Contrary to popular opinion, however, Libras don’t drift peacefully from one “balanced” situation to the next. If they did, they’d never learn their real job: restoring balance. These diplomatic folks aren’t born into perfect equilibrium; rather, they’re born knowing how to fix the scales when they’re out of balance. That makes Libras experts at bringing peace and harmony to any situation. It’s not an easy task, though, so remember that they’re often more tired and drained than they let on. Being born with the ability to see both sides of an issue isn’t always a gift — especially when someone needs an opinion.

If you’re a Libra yourself, then you need to realize (especially when it comes to relationships) that keeping the peace at all times just isn’t always possible — no matter how hard you try. Still, we can’t do any better than you for a partner. You’re devoted — sometimes even to a fault — and always willing to change your plans to suit what your beloved wants to do. Just be sure not to lose yourself (or your friends, who’ll inevitably get tired of waiting around) in the process.

Libras are so lovely to be around, however, they’ll never be alone — not if they don’t want to be. Indeed, this is as social a sign as there is, extremely well loved by one and all!

A Venus-ruled sign, Libra is the premier relationship sign, making this solar period a perfect time to get out and socialize! This transit is all about togetherness!

Warm Birthday Wishes to all you Loving Guys!


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  1. me dont have any Libran friend, i juz realised. How sad, my mission is to search n mke sme Libran frenz next 🙂

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