Signs & Synchronicities – Do they really speak to us?

My blog has been looking weird for a while without a weird topic. So comes this post to kick-start my weird brain again………….grrrrr…………!!!!

Have you ever had this experience of while shuffling the TV channels you bumped into a TV serial where a scene so exactly resonating with your current life was going on? Have you ever happened to open a page of a book or a magazine in random and got to read a line, something which had answered a long-time thought you had?  A friend calling you to inform about an opportunity which you had been fantasizing at the back of your mind lately? Hearing the same saying or quote at different times on the same day?

Rings a bell? You can continue reading then 🙂


Try and penetrate with our limited means the secrets of nature and you will find that, behind all the discernible concatenations, there remains something subtle, intangible and inexplicable. Veneration for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion.

– Albert Einstein

(I love this guy more than any other scientist I’ve ever heard about! Probably because he wasn’t a dogmatic ‘scientist’. He knew what science was and understood what’s beyond the scope of science too).

*In a thriller movie I got to watch recently (A Tamil movie ‘Eeram’), every time the main investigator character sees water associated with red colour (like a red fish in an aquarium, somebody filling water in a red glass, water leaking from a red fire engine truck),it was a sign that a murder is on the way.

*While reading the biography of the writer Paulo Ceolho, I came across this line that every time he happens to see a white feather it is a sign for him to start writing a new book.

*A casual talk with my sister dug her memories about the signs she had experienced while she had met my brother-in-law for the first time.

*A recent blog post of mine made me read the long-forgotten story of Alchemist which again was all about signs.

*A friend suggested me to watch this movie ‘serendipity’ (after hearing my blog URL) which again was about signs.

*The current book I’ve got a hold on (The Celestine Prophecy), the very first chapter of which is speaking on coincidences.

*And my recent dreams of meeting a wise person explaining me how to read my signs!

How can I not believe that I am being reminded that they are existing all around me and I need to take a note of these! I should tell you that these didn’t start to happen in the recent past though. I cannot say for sure from how long, but I know at least for a few years by now. Heard of the Mud – Water – Crystal categories? No doubt I belong to the first one in this context. Well, a scientifically trained mind – at times it is difficult to override my logics 🙁 All these days, it was easier for me to ignore these phenomena than to make meaning out of them. And now, (if I should call it as) the ‘Universe’ is over-bugged with my muddiness and that’s when I was planned to be first taught A,B,C,Ds; otherwise A for Apple is never going to make sense to me.

I mean to tell you that there were enough synchronicities I could have showed some interest upon but didn’t. And now in the last one month’s time, what I’ve put above in points came to pass to make me recognize the plays around me  – To acknowledge my Signs & Synchronicities. It was as if I was dragged by to show me that what I was trying to chase behind me is actually in front of me.

I am not fond of reading and writing looooooong blog posts. So I end this one with a warning to many of you who too could have experienced such things to stop ignoring them. As how we know when our throats does that kar kar that we need to keep away at once from ice creams and getting wet  before we cheer up those partying viruses, we as well need to heed to our Signs & Synchronicities, they are our blessings in disguise!

More to come on Signs & Synchronicities in the coming posts.


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  1. You are reminding me of the movie Number 21. I have to confess though that I sometimes start considering something as a sign from unknown source to me and at times such signs have repeated,,,

  2. Probably they keep repeating to make us feel more convincing of the message. Not heard of this movie, thanks, shall watch it soon. Thanks Farila Ji, liked your post on death. Please keep visiting.

  3. Hi Nandu, read this post after our small 😉 chat !! Good, needless to say as I also expereinced this time to time and so loved the post. The Quote from Einstein that you have put here is like imprinted into my brain! And I think this is something I talked about in my chat.. only in a less articulate way than what Einstein has already told! hehehe… Feel good now! 🙂

    1. Small chat?? 1 in the night for me and 4 n the morning for you! Crazy moments!! Yes, very much what we were discussing in the chat. Glad you’ve shared this quote on FB. Reading again and again this quote makes me feel science has unravelled very little yet as compared to the vast hidden forces of the universe which are ironically just in front of us.

  4. nice one , in fact the reason I got hooked ot your blog was because of your latest blog on his and her clubs and the mars and venus thing!!
    i do believe in signs … kinda superstitious too!

    1. Thanks Shazia, to let me know theres something in this blog to get hooked to 😆

      //i do believe in signs … kinda superstitious too!//

      That was a good mention. When the chatter-box cells of your brain rules over the wise cells, signs no more remain signs – that’s when they become superstitions!

      Nice to read your thoughts here, keep visiting 🙂

  5. You’ve gotta share as to if there are any paintings of yours done long time back subconsiously out of your imagination or a conscious painting of someone or something that doesnt resemble that someone or something but wait a minute u come across someone a lot later who closely resembles ur painting than ur painting resembled what you painted earlier

  6. Nandhini Di,

    I hv been reading ur posts for quite some time…
    U write extremely well and just out of this world….
    Quite interesting n refreshing..sometimes or rather most of the times..ur posts compel me to take a minute out of my daily think abt my life with a different perspective…

    M waiting eagerly to read something on “Signs n Synchronicities” in ur coming posts……

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