Small Deed #7

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Put out hand-written loving and transforming messages on walls, notice boards and like for personal or public display.

This idea might sound immature and trivial on the first hear. In fact to me even, it took a personal experience to realize that sometimes words we come across accidentally are really meant for us to read at that moment of the day. (Why do I roundabout to end up in Serendipity all the time!).

It was my Masters dissertation time. A few days in between out of those few months were emotionally turbulent for me (Nope, not because of my dissertation 😉 One evening as I stepped into my post doc’s room in the hostel (somebody whom I still adore for her calmness and maturity), there was this small hand-written poster on her wall reading This Shall Also Pass Away. How much relief these few words gave me at that moment is indescribable! (For those of you who know me will know for how long this had been my signature message for all outgoing mails and a long-time orkut status message and I was made to change it so deliberately as the passing away became too much :lol

Well, the small deed you shall be able to do is write down a message – a one-liner or a saying which you want to  imbibe in your own life or a reminder you want to put for yourself – and put it up somewhere readable in your space – could be your work desk, top of the mirror, near your PC or wardrobe – and you shall be doing a great deed for yourself! Remember not to use negative words and future tense. Remain patient can work much better than Don’t be angry (You sure to increase your anger this way 🙁 ) I look great can work much better than I will be looking great tomorrow (Why postpone your looking great? )

If you have a broader concern, you shall make small posters or charts on a moral story and put them at places where people get access to read – notice boards, cafeterias, near lifts, near gates  in your school, college, work place or apartment.

The reality is not that everybody will form a queue early in the morning to read your philosophy. But there could be that single person like a pin in the hay stack (Excuse for the old boring comparison) who exactly needed those words that day.

And I say hand-written because the print-outs only make me feel it’s a document of great importance for that unknown somebody for eternity 🙁


Not inspired? Do it once – Experience is the best evidence!


Wishing you the right words to reach you at the right point in time all your life!


 P.S. Anything you think can be added here, please leave a comment or an email. It could be anything from removing waste from roadside to donating blood. Your suggestion will bear you a virtue and an acknowledgement in a new post.

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  1. “this to shall pass”~ is my gtalk status message 🙂 🙂
    i just lorve this line. And i think putting up these one liners is a great idea.
    i have a “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future~Oscar Wilde” up in my bedroom wall 🙂

    1. So you have a bright future is it??? 😉 We have this chart on life is like a cup of coffee message on our apartment notice board this week. Well, keep changing ur posters otherwise you ought to sin happily ever after 🙂 🙂

    1. It does Arpana! We all need reminders quite often no matter how strong our beliefs were once upon a time. Thanks and keep checking in here often.

    1. Hey Raj, absolutely loved your post. Beautifully written. I dont in general read such long posts, but this one was thrilling me enough to go on. Best wishes for the contest! If you happen to come back and check this comment, please activate the Name/URL format for comment. WordPress users have this problem of commenting on blogspot blogs.

      Thanks for your visit 🙂

  2. Nandhu,

    Looking at your replies for my previous comments, I do feel that those words I scribble here do seem (?) to get you going (?) and thus Iam honoured 😉

    I liked this post very much for it’s a cool idea self-motivation 🙂

    But Iam curious to know that post doc of yours (in BARD) too! 😉

    Last but not the least…..Iam a big time fan of your quotes…..nonetheless to mention this one below

    //Not inspired? Do it once – Experience is the best evidence!//

    Keep rocking dear…..

    1. //(?) to get you going (?)//

      A question mark before and behind wasn’t necessary at all. Every single word in every comment on this blog keeps me and this blog going 🙂 And your’s is obviously an honoured one!

      Post doc in BARD? Did you forget we did our projects in Delhi/Gurgaon?? She was a PD in NBRC.

      My quotes?? Ive been desperately trying for long to generate a quote and publicize it on my name. Haven’t really scribbled one yet. Hope one day a quote signed by Nandhini Chandrasekaran rolls out in google. Till then I definitely have to do ctrl c + ctrl v 🙁

  3. Hi Nandhini,
    I am glad and happy that the writing inspired you so much That one quote keeps me going- every time I have moved to a new place and had to face unexpected circumstances, I remember it and keep going.
    Good luck with your writing and paintings, Hope to see more.

    1. Wonderful to see your comment here, means a lot to me. Very true, it had kept me going too for long years and still keeps me going.

      Thanks for the wish and hope to see you too more often here.

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