The Sun Enters Independent Aquarius!

Let’s start by telling the Aquarians out there exactly what they want to hear … which, fortunately, also happens to be the whole truth about this sign: These individuals are truly one of a kind! Every single Water Bearer is unique in every possible way, and there’s a very real reason for that. Aquarians work hard to ensure they’re noticeably different from the crowd.

And just in case others don’t pick up on it from the way they dress or the jewelry they wear, Aquarians get their point across the moment they voice their opinions. But those opinions, while often radical, are also inarguably logical.

In short, those born under this month’s sign are the ultimate observers of humankind, which makes them able to not just understand, but also empathize with any and all points of view — indeed, no easy task!

When it comes to relationships, the influence of Aquarius’s ruling planet — unpredictable, freedom-loving Uranus — is obvious. If you’re a Water Bearer yourself, you know you’ve got a taste for what might gently be called ‘the unusual.’ (In other words, anyone who’s liable to startle your friends and family when you bring them home for Sunday dinner will do just fine.)

But before you issue that crucial invitation, there’s a very specific list of qualities you run over in your mind. For starters, if they’re completely different from anyone you’ve ever known, that’s a plus. And if they honestly don’t know how to be prejudiced against anyone, in any way, you may well be in love, for you’ve certainly found a potential match.

Of course, persuading an Aquarius to give up their precious freedom is a tall order … but the rewards are well worth the effort! In short, holding on with an open hand is absolutely the only way to keep things going when you’re flirting with unconventionality. But once Aquarius has found The One, they’ll make of their partner not just a lover and a spouse, but also a lifelong best friend.

Here’s a inspiring quote from motivational author Kobi Yamada:

“Embrace your uniqueness. Time is much too short to be living someone else’s life.” An Aquarian couldn’t have said it better!

Warm Birthday Wishes to all the Aquarians stopping by this page!!!

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  1. Reading these predictions to a certain extent might be fun… but bending too much on this is no good I feel. At least, I am not an Aquarian 🙂

    1. I agree too. And with the kind of wordpress stats for the traffic to these posts, I am amazed how many people around the world go crazy behind sun signs.

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