Smart Devices for Smart Housewives

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I am no triathlon runner or a star in strava. I am a housewife. Should that deprive me of using a smart watch? Let me tell you why the millennial housewives must turn to smart devices. 

Sweating in a cotton saree, holding a rolling pin, constantly yelling at someone – the husband, the kids or the maid – crying emotionally with the television saas bahus and remaining a zero on fitness. Are that all what comes to your mind when you envisage a housewife?

Let’s ask the housewives.

How many of us feel dignified to call ourselves a ‘housewife? Perhaps the term, ‘homemaker,’ gives us some self-worth as it has something in the making – a home.

But housewife? Nay?

Well, let me tell you how you can make your life as a housewife a thing of pride. Regardless of the sight of our tangled hair or holding a rolling pin; we can always feel ourselves smart and present ourselves smart.

Following the birth of my first child, I went into a cocoon of a typical, old-age housewife, totally neglecting my health and fitness. However, after a period of hiatus, there came a revolution in me, and subsequently, in my home.

I brought the almost-dead yoga trainer in me back to life. I began to train myself! Of course, a whining baby and a whole load of home chores to look after were no encouragement to fitness regimes.

That’s when I invested in a smart watch!

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If you are aware, smart watches serve as an invaluable Smart Wearable for people in the fitness arena. It offers them multisport tracking facilities to track their fitness routine and progress.

But, in ways unimaginable, it can also be helpful to a housewife who is gearing up hard to fit into her old jeans. Yes, I am no triathlon runner or a star in strava. I am a housewife. But the coming of a smart watch in my life changed the quality of my day-to-day living.

I had it on during my yoga sessions, aerobics classes and early morning walks. It helped me keep a track of my workout time, calories burnt and heart rate during my workouts. Still more amazing that the new-age technology offers through smart watches is the VO2 level indicator, a cardiorespiratory parameter. The more information I begin to gather from my workouts, the more I was interested to learn what each one indicated about my health and ways to get better with these aspects. Not only was this information helpful to get in touch with how well my body was improving, but also it was a strong motivational factor to compete with myself day after day.

While the fitness resolutions women like us take can easily get diluted on the account of excuses of home and family, smart devices like smart watches and fitness bands can keep intact the tenacity of our fitness promises.

Another area of concern in my life a smart watch made a difference was during traveling with kids. As young moms, we will always have loads to carry in our bags for an outing.

Have you ever had this experience of getting a call on your mobile phone while you are holding your baby in one hand and you had to open with the other, the zipper of your loaded handbag to pull out the phone after a desperate meddling? And all the while anxiously guessing, who could be calling? May be a call from a delivery person to find an address? Or an important call for a job offer? Or the husband, parents or an old friend? And finally find it to be a promo call from a bank offering a loan? Phew!

I’ve suffered this single-handed call-handlings several times. Having a baby during travels can make us crippled in several ways. I recommend moms who face such difficulties of traveling with kids to use smart watches. With a smart watch, it’s easy to know who is calling without having to dig your handbag in frustration. Just before leaving home, I sync my smart watch to my phone. During the travel, when someone calls me, I can see the notification on my watch dial about an incoming call. How easy it is to brush off that bank promo call without a hard time!

Let me not forget receiving Whatsapp messages and Twitter notifications through my smart watch! Yeah, with my smart watch, I get to connect to my social network on the go. Truly smart, isn’t it?

Brownie points of using a smart watch is the liberating ability to listen to songs without having to take your phone or iPod out. Operating the phone in front of kids during a travel or at home is no easy pie. They are sure going to begin their negotiations on their favourite list of cartoons. How smart do you think it is to connect your watch to a bluetooth device and begin getting lost in your favourite tunes? Whether you are traveling with your kids, or washing dishes at home, you can feed your soul some good music using a smart watch.

Yes, washing dishes! Remember smart watches can be water resistant. Yes, we know they are meant for swimming enthusiasts, but what’s the problem if I use it while washing dishes, uh? As a housewife, if technology gives you a boon to live smartly, nothing is a big deal.

And sleep! After a baby, it gets tossed for everything else! Until you get to track your sleep time and quality, you would underestimate the importance of sleep. As the primary caretaker of your home, your sleep pattern will reflect in the overall wellness of your family. If a smart watch can measure your total sleep, light sleep and deep sleep, would you think twice to place an order? I bet you wouldn’t.

Was smart watch was all I meant to make you a smart housewife? Not at all! A smart watch is only a sample.

If you feel frustrated that the other brats in the house don’t listen to you, forget it and forgive them. We always have Google by our side. Say ‘ Ok Google’ and witness the magic of someone in your house obeying you

Search for a recipe, listen to your favourite TV show, find answer to your son’s brilliant science question, learn about terrace gardening – everything you want to feel empowered as a housewife is only two words away – O-K G-o-o-g-l-e!

Dear ladies, it’s that time of the year and that time in your life (no matter where you are) for smart renovations. Get ready to untie from your traditional perceptions of being a home-pecked housewife. For the multiple roles you play, not only do you deserve a smart pat on your back and a smart loot on your hand, but also a smart self revolution and a #SmartHomeRevolution

Browse through the Smart Home products, and you will get enlightened about the real smart way – from smart lights to smart security cameras – to renovate your home to a smart home. And don’t let the smart watch slip from your mind.

Search today for the model which would fit your needs and
#GetFitWithFlipkart The next time, someone asks you, “What are you doing?” hold your head high to call yourself a H-O-U-S-E-W-I-F-E and for some fun, add, “a SMART HOUSEWIFE” 😀

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    1. Accomplished tech writer? The most generous comment I’ve received on my blog 🙂 Thank you Arvind ji. Every word in this post is a personal reflection of my life as a mother and a woman at home. Women who stay at home are generally left to hard manual work. Technology has solutions to many of their day-to-day inconveniences. The more they become aware, the more easier and productive will be their lives.

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