My Short Story, “An ‘Ex’ Ordeal,” is now available on Kindle

An Ex Ordeal

An ‘Ex’ Ordeal: A Short Story is my first eBook that is based on the emotional reflections of an ex-relationship. In ten pages, we get to read a short account of a woman in her sixties, addressing the scars her ex-marriage had left on her.

The book can come under contemporary literary fiction, for it is more of a contemplative self-conversation the protagonist has with herself than a narration of events. Separation being one of the most difficult personal life experiences, readers can feel a realistic connect to the her complex thoughts.

Quick details of the book

Format: Kindle Edition

Genre: Contemporary Literary Fiction

No. of Pages: 10

Maximum Reading Time: 30 minutes

Price: Book is on a free promotion, that is, it is available for free reading for all currently, (Jan 10th – 15th 1.30 pm IST). At other times, it is free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers, Rs. 49 for others.

Amazon Link to the Book: An ‘Ex’ Ordeal: A Short Story

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Just another small step in my writing pursuit!

I didn’t plan to publish a short story in the eBook format; neither was it something like a long-time dream. It just happened. There came a swift flash of an idea and it got manifested in no time.

I consider this as a small step in my writing pursuits. The few days of my involvement in this work has brought important learnings for me – from getting to understand how self-publishing works to understanding the real pillars of my life. It is a beginning, and I am glad this happened for it has added to my interest to grow as a writer.

Request to readers

I know I am yet to evolve a lot more as a writer and a thinker to claim an authorship tag. I am at a point where sincere feedback is critical for my growth. To everyone who got to land on this page, this is my humble request to please have a read of “An Ex Ordeal and give me your opinions.

Amazon Link to the Book: An ‘Ex’ Ordeal: A Short Story

I’ve made the eBook available for free from today, for the next three days. (Jan 10th 1.30 pm IST to Jan 15th 1.30 pm IST). For kindle unlimited subscribers, it is free anytime.

It will be a great help if I can get a feedback by any or all of the options below:

  • As a comment to this post
  • To my email,
  • As an Amazon review
  • A review on Goodreads
  • A blog post on your blog/social media.

Book Description

Neeraja’s recurrent dream was a perfect reflection of her subconscious angst. In her dream, she would see Ravi, her ex-husband, from far and desperately wait for him to eye on her diamond wedding ring. There would be a compelling need in her to make him feel jealous of her precious possession. 

The fact that she was once unsuccessful in her role as a wife defeated her self-pride. Her dreams echoed her longing need to prove Ravi her stance as a valuable partner. Witnessing him feel guilty for what he did in the past could only perhaps bring her subconscious anxiety to peace.

Strangely, when Neeraja and Ravi meet after thirty years, their chance encounter makes her to see through the layers of her buried emotions which leaves her baffled by the important insights she discovers in the process.

An ‘Ex’ Ordeal is a reflective short story on separation and the trajectory of its scars over time.

Book Cover

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  1. All the best on your new journey as an author. I will download it today, but can’t read immediately. But I’ll def. read when time permits and give a rating on amazon.

    Destination Infinity

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