From Strangers to Lovers: Ananya Shares her Proposal Story

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Girls of her age would hang out happily with friends and have fun talking about boys. Strangely, this girl focussed only and only on her career. When she made the strong desire of her heart – a meaningful job – come true, everything else, including the dream guy of her life, followed.

We have Ananya today, who has been in a long-time dilemma if the butterflies she has been feeling with her special guy will one day lead to a serious relationship. And that one day arrived!

Let’s hear what she has to say.

“It all seems a dream now.

I first met him at the cafeteria. He asked me if he can take the sauce bottle from our table. I said yes.

From that time until last week, when he asked me to, and I said yes, it all seems a dream.

The last couple of years had me hooked in searching for a reliable job. My focus was into my career and I barely had love or marriage in mind. As a matter of fact, I felt I was still too young for a relationship. My small stature and the repeated comments of me looking like a school girl from others, kept me in a proud belief that I was still small.

So when I was first attracted with this tall, handsome guy who asked for the sauce bottle, he seemed a person too far from one who can fit into my dreams. He was already in a managerial position while I was a new employee almost beginning a meaningful career.

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From there began a liking for him with close encounters with him during meetings, team outings and at the cafe. Yet, from within, I knew he can only be a far dream for me. The more I heard about his well-to-do family background from several colleagues, deeper was the void that was building in me. I wished he didn’t hail from a rich family so that I could have at least fantasized a boyfriend like him.

They say, when you truly wish for something, the universe will conspire to get you at it. I wasn’t a believer of such philosophies earlier. But now that I am writing this, standing in life as his beloved girlfriend, I cannot but accept what this little Secret book says.

Yes, when he had asked for the sauce bottle, surprisingly he too had experienced a strange feeling towards this small girl. The mutual exchange of glances, the mutual uneasiness in each other’s presence and the friendship that slowly grew between us signalled to both of us the mutual feeling we had for each other.

I have never felt so accomplished before. The fact that the one I thought is impossible to reach, reciprocated my emotion, felt so so fantastic. The butterfly feeling I experienced everytime I heard him call me, “Ananya” is indescribable!

It was two months since this secret drama was going on between us. It was as exciting as nervous it was. And then one fine day, he spoke to me openly.



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And, when he asked to me, I said ‘Yes’.

We’ve been having mutual crush for a while. I felt extreme anxiety about where this will lead to, until he proposed. But, after I’ve said yes, I suddenly feel lost. I don’t feel the butterflies I felt earlier. It’s some mixed emotion now. This feeling is strange.

I wish I can go back to the pre-proposal era.

I am scared these days if this relationship will lead to marriage. Though he reassures me it’s all going to be alright, I think I cannot feel relieved until our wedding cards are printed.

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I am thankful for this opportunity to get to write about my innermost anxieties, for it definitely feels relieving.”

About the Relationship Talk Series

It has been my fantasy project to hear from people their first-hand emotional experiences about the evolution of their relationships because, I believe there’s a celebrity in each one of us and that all of us have stories to inspire others. And that was the notion with which I went about asking a few known and unknown persons to contribute their thoughts to this series on relationships.

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