Ponniyin Selvan comes Alive!

It was one of my teenhood fantasies that I spend my married life in reading books and watching movies which I had missed to get a hold on, in the years before. My fantasy became a reality with settling down at our first home after marriage which was at a walking distance from the Anna Centenary Library. The first day I visited the library, I felt like being left alone in an ice cream shop and didn’t know which one to have first. However, without much thinking, I picked Ponniyin Selvan – Part I. The library has one of the most comfortable seats for reading and that’s where my reading journey of this great epic began.

Ponniyin Selvan is a popular tale by late author Kalki, based on the Chola empire that existed centuries before. Initially, it was published as a weekly magazine column in the 1970s and later was made into a five-part novel. It is considered to be one of the finest reads in Tamil.

I walked to the library every day to complete volume I. The only comment I feel I am eligible to make is that the beauty of its writing cannot be justified unless one reads it. Certainly, the best of all the books I’ve come across in my entire life!

I am thrilled to hear about the novel being casted into a drama. SS International Live and Magic Lantern presents live Ponniyin Selvan on stage in Chennai from 3rd July to 12th July, 2015. Here are the details:

Ponniyin Selvin

Those who’ve read Ponniyin Selvan would know how exciting it is to merely discuss the plot or the characters. How exciting then will it be to watch the characters come alive on stage?!

Fingers crossed to make to the show. Shall update more details soon.

Photo Courtesy: SS International Live

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  1. I wish to read the books. One person whom I know has the set and I need to make some time to take it and read it. The tickets to this drama seems to be quite expensive, when considering we need to go there for so many days!

    Destination Infinity

    1. Please do. I’ve read the first two. Yet to start the third part. There are tickets for Rs.200 and Rs.300 too. But it begins late in the evening. It will get too late to get back home.

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