H for Honeymoon – The Happily Ever After!

“This is the period when newly wed couples take a break to share some private and intimate moments that helps establish love in their relationship. This privacy in turn is believed to ease the comfort zone towards a physical relationship, which is one of the primary means of bonding during the initial days of marriage.”

This is wiki’s definition for Honeymoon. I copied it here to sound authentic about honeymoon, Ha 😉

Yes, everyone knows what it is about. Across the world, for across centuries, this word has carried some excitement with it. Some couples get to fly for their honeymoon directly from the wedding hall though it’s less common. Most, however, resist a few days or weeks to make to that exotic travel of their lifetime. And there are a few who carelessly miss this chance. If you missed it within the first month of your marriage, I tell you, you’ve missed a truly beautiful experience in your relationship.

Being away from known people and routines gives a sense of heightened privacy. Back at home, you might have to answer the door bell call or a ‘No, thank you’ neighbour in the middle of something exciting. Though bedrooms are private spaces, the very thought that life gives you an opportunity for exclusive intimate days can ignite you like nothing for the rest of your life. That is how perhaps the culture of honeymoon must have come up. You don’t have to sort out your other responsibilities in your mind. You don’t have to meet any other known acquaintance. And you don’t have to wake up thinking about the agenda of the day. You wake up with only one thought! 

There is a secret person within each of us who gets to come out to show his/her face only during intimate moments with our spouses. In other words, if not for these intimate moments, we ourselves wouldn’t meet this vulnerable side of ours. The mischievous you behind the whispers you make through her ears, the flirty you behind the erotic teasings, the gentle you behind the soft kisses, the tender you behind the emotional talks, the loving you behind the sensual foreplays – all of these hidden versions of you can play their games only with your spouse in your private territory. And honeymoons create that comfort zone to confidently unveil those layers of masks for the very first time.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone said there was no sex or very little of it during their honeymoon. Paradoxically, it really isn’t sex alone which makes honeymoons beautiful. This romantic getaway is more about discovering each other emotionally a little more profoundly than you did before. Especially, emotional intimacy is a necessity for most women inorder to get closer to a man. A time alone as this facilitates in shaping that bond.

It could be utterly disappointing to pack your bags for the return journey. Who would want to end their honeymoon, uh? After all the warmth and excitement,  some new nice memories are all left to carry back home.

And now dear Mr. & Mrs., your fairy tale’s last page which reads ‘Happily Ever After’, is turned over. Here it ends, your f-a-i-r-y t-a-l-e! Yes! Yes!

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