Z for Zest for Camaraderie in Marriage


We stand at the end of the A to Z series on marital relationships. Doing this series a little longer than April (just 8 months longer) brought with it its effect of dwelling into deeper conversations on relationships. From all possible sources I could gather, what stands out as the essence of all love relationships is the zest for camaraderie – the innate need of a companionship! Whatever else we talk about is ultimately going to get down to this.

It has been my fantasy project to hear from people their first-hand emotional experiences about the evolution of their relationships because, I believe there’s a celebrity in each one of us and that all of us have stories to inspire others. And that was the notion with which I went about asking a few known and unknown persons to contribute their thoughts to this last post. Thus, came my fantasy alive, making a remarkable end to this series.

We have 12 guests (celebrities, in my terms) today, who are at various stages of relationships in their lives who obliged to share a few lines from their real-life experiences. Some chose to remain as anonymous contributors and respect their privacy. My thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart; this is sure going to be a memorable page of Pages from Serendipity.

What I have included in this post are only snippets of what my celebrities had to say. Starting tomorrow, we’ll have exclusive post from each (or a group) of them on the blog.

Like how the blog series followed an evolutionary hierarchy of relationships, the following real-life talks are arranged the same way.

While there are hundreds to dig about relationships, we have a special someone to begin with, who is going to show us how the world is through the other side of relationships. Anita is single at 37 and opens up about how life has been all along. Keep a watch tomorrow; as the new year begins, Anita’s heart-warming post is going to have us reflect much about life.

A for Attraction – Why we fall in for Who we fall in?

B for Butterflies – The Stage is all Set!

I knew this nerdy guy as a little school boy and today he talks to us about his recent crush in college 😆 Keshav kick-starts the magical feeling of love with his narration of those few minutes of eyeing his crush and in fact, equating it to moksha, haha! Good luck, Keshav boy!

C for Commitment – Stepping Across the First Line of Control

D for Dating – The Fairy Tale Begins…

Then we have Ananya, who has been in a long-time dilemma if the butterflies she has been feeling with her special guy will one day lead to a serious relationship. And that one day arrived! Let’s hear what she has to say.

E for Expose – Here enters the Family

Blessed are those Indian lovers who get to walk to the wedding hall without trials and tribulations from their families. Next we have an anonymous contributor who, after several testing months, is now engaged with the girl of his dreams. Listen to him; he’ll tell you what love marriages mean in India.

F for Farewell – Goodbye Brahmacharyam!

G for Grihastha – The Mr. & the Mrs.

H for Honeymoon – The Happily Ever After

All is well that begins well. Hearty congratulations to Christy Bharath, the newest groom in the town! Straight from wedded bliss, Christy makes us feel how love is all around.

I for I Openings – Welcome to Reality

J for Joust – The First Fight

We have another anonymous contributor who, after six months into marriage, says her honey moon phase has come to an end. Without much ado, let’s hear from her.

K for Kids – No longer the Husband & the Wife

L for Lost – The Lost Art of Making Love

Following next are three young moms – Anjana, Dr. Saman and an anonymous contributor – who share an honest account of how their relationship with the husband saw a change with the coming of kids in their lives.

M for Midlife Reflections – Is he/she the right partner for you?

N for Nesting – Coming to terms…..at 40

O for Old, yet not too Old – The Want of a Companionship

P for Parting – The Woes of an Empty Nest

Ramesh Babu and Dr. Dipali give us an interesting perspective of how the marital relationship changes over the years to now as children have reached their teenage.

Q for Qualm – The Disquietude at 50!

R for Role Reversal – Say Whatever, it’s the Woman, forever!

S for Second Falling in Love – Sixty is Indeed Sexy!

T for (The) Trajectory of Marital Relationships – Understanding why you both are made for each other

U for Until Death do us Part

V for (The) Valley of Death

W for Widowhood – One withers away …. at the last!

X for (E)xited, but not Extinct – The Existential Woes of Bereaved Spouse

Lakshmi Ramakrishnan is my aunt and perhaps, my uncle’s and aunt’s was the most amiable marriage I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, one sudden day, he left us for good. More so, he left my aunt in shock and disbelief. Here, we have her speak to us.

Y for The Yin and the Ying of Marraige

All relationships, irrespective of how it lived, has to meet this end. May these reflections make us more stronger and more yielding with our partners in the coming years.

Wishing all of you loving bonding and beautiful moments with your partners and families always!

As said earlier, we have each of our celebrities talk in exclusive posts in the coming days. Please show a lot of love to all of them 😉 It will be an honour to have you as a celebrity on my blog as well. Please drop in a line; I will get back to you.

With this I end the 9 month-long blog series. This feels like a lifetime experience. Thanks people!

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