Humour: Seeing Humour in Children – where it belongs to!

Laughing baby

Babies giggle as we throw them in the air, they laugh as we tickle them and they find our silly faces and sounds very very funny! As I wonder how little children relate and respond to these triggers with humour and amusement, it makes me assume perhaps it is to them that humour belongs, for it is so spontaneous to them. When we reach parenthood and begin to interact with the funny sides of children, we will have to fine tune a balance between not being so rigid about children’s humour and not giving away the originality of our emotions. 

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A Tribute to LOL!

A 5th class kid wrote in his Math answer sheet: Dear Math, I am sick and tired of finding your X. Just accept the fact that she is gone and move on 😥 Definition of home – “A place where you can scratch your bum exactly where it itches” 😆 Mr.Bean reading newspaper headlines. “US…

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