A Tribute to LOL!

A 5th class kid wrote in his Math answer sheet:

Dear Math,

I am sick and tired of finding your X. Just accept the fact that she is gone and move on 😥

Definition of home – “A place where you can scratch your bum exactly where it itches” 😆

Mr.Bean reading newspaper headlines.

“US athlete lost gold medal in long jump”.

Mr.Bean comments, ‘Idiot, who asked him to wear gold medal while jumping?’ 😈

Height of O-shit! situation:

A boy throws a love letter to a girl but it falls on her brother.

And her brother accepts it 😯

If one of the above made you giggle, chuckle or at the least a faint movement of your lips, chill and read on. If you’d read it like no more than a newspaper headline, please take this post seriously 🙄

I should say laughing out loudly had been a daily ritual, next to food and sleep. In every place I had moved in, there were always a bunch of humour geniuses who exactly knew what to crack at the right time. It just takes a silly comment or an expression to stir me and then it’s always a big mess around – explosions of terrific emotions of loud cacophony, hitting whatever or whoever stays close-by the right hand, rolling on the floor, welled-up eyes, running noses, painful stomach, exhausted cheeks – and I end helpless!

Seasons have changed and years have rolled on, but there remains a fondness for all those people who have touched my days with stomach cramps. As LOL keeps the royal step into the Oxford English Dictionary this  month, this is a perfect time to pay a tribute to all these fun-to-be-with-O-holic people.

Back in school, the best LOL moments were with our PT master. He tried to be a strict commando all the time and he failed exactly every time, only to expose the actual hilarious spectacle in him. Check this, the height of his comedy:

‘All right students. Now everybody line up alphabetically according to your heights’ 😮

While the others would stare at each other confused which one to do, we were two devils, hiding behind the others, holding each other hands tightly, trying in vain to control our outbursts.

And our dedicated Math teacher loved to fill the black board with sin x, cos x, tan x, cosec x……but when it came to sec x, she somehow didn’t like to write the ‘c’ in between. The resultant was that all the copy pasted Math class work note books had the three-lettered word in between trigonometry 😯 The terrible part was it took one of the parents to find out what the hell this math teacher was teaching in the class 😈

Kavi, Subs, Kams and Nals – the long walks I had taken with you all, hand in hand, halting at every other step to finish our deep belly laughs were almost the beginning of the LOL days of my life. Though we don’t get to meet often, I am sure our voices of  joys shall keep us knitted all the time.

This is how Id written (???Drawn???) class notes (???Figures???) in college 😆

When I stepped into college, LOL became the major activity of life. Even the most decent class-taking professor wasn’t left untouched. Everybody were baptized with our nick names. And the one who taught us taxonomy and nomenclature got the highest number of names – one vernacular name, one scientific name, one local class name, one pet hostel name……… 😯

When I think back, there wasn’t anything that funny that I could have gripped my stomach almost every other day in the hostel laughing. The reasons should have been very silly but what mattered was we laughed and laughed and laughed that every night was a nightmare to our hostel warden.

Prems, Gais, Kavi, Abi, Viji – I had the best fun with you girls. I can still recollect Gais’ face reddened with tears rolling down 🙂 and the rest of us rolling on the floor, stuck with our breaths.

My university days! Studying was a small part of life then. LOLing wasn’t 😉 I still feel apologetic for waking up our neighbour roomies in the middle of the night with our ROARS. More than other days, the nights before our examinations carried a magic wand with every word we uttered. And at the end of every explosion, we would feel guilty seeing the syllabus in hand and make an attempt to start only to end up in another explosion 🙁

The dirtiest LOL moments were sipping tea in the hostel mess. A rightly placed tea-cup near the mouth, but a wrongly timed joke results in spray painting the room with tea – mind it :mrgreen:

Gitu, nobody could have matched your humour sense in that campus. What a spontaneity you had! Keerthi, Anie, Cats, Anbu – Should I say we have wasted hell a lot of precious hours in laughing?

I thought with this point is the end of the kind of LOL I would have. But unimaginably, my colleagues at work made me surpass the LOLs I had had before. We work with this motto – on the name of professionalism, we should not bury the art of laughing. They sure are the reason why I still feel young at heart.

Onir, Nabz and Monu – words cannot explain the magic power behind your words and expressions – And numbers cannot be counted for the times I had got drenched with laughter with you all.  Lees, Sush and Shwe, you gave me courage every time to laugh out loudly because I know when I get caught, I will  not be alone 😆

Well, relaxe, we are almost nearing the end 😉

There were few moments when I’ve questioned God why He gives those heart cramps, taking away exactly what I’ve wanted to have. When I am with these people around me, I feel this is how God replies:

‘But I’ve replaced them with your stomach cramps’.

I don’t know if all you people would get to read this page sometime in your lives. But when you do, know that your names have been highlighted in a girl’s history because you made her laugh happily 🙂

To me – After a hysterical episode of laugh, it feels something which had been caught somewhere in some part of my body gets released. It feels ‘that’s all I need for now’. It feels my energy reservoir has been re-filled for free. It feels I’ve lightly touched the unknown part of my being and came back. And I feel like a whole new person.

To all – Depression, emptiness, boredom and all their sisters elude us from laughing out loud. And our lives are not devoid of such siblings. We have to live with them sometimes. And one of the best ways to keep moving on in life is to LAUGH OUT LOUD. I cannot deny that we need the right people around us to make that happen. Let’s wish deeply for that, but remember: a little step to appreciate humour, to see the funny face of situations can make us much more lighter.

My heartful of Love to 😆

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  1. hey nandhu, nice post and thats really very sweet of you to mention my name.. thank you 🙂 .am missing those days 🙁

    1. As far as I remember, you were the first person with whom I started laughing out with all my heart. And infact the first person who brought the writer in me – the Madagascar Island we had being plotting out for many days on our way back from school 🙂 Now it all feels we had lived together in some ancient century 🙁

      This post wasn’t intended for thanking each other. Only to recollect that we had laughed and laughed and laughed together!

  2. hi…nandhu…. awsum post.. beautiful moments still remains fresh……..
    thanks for the post mmmuuuuuaaahhhh….

  3. Wow!! nandhu nice one…enjoyed while reading ur blog 🙂 Keep writing many more articles like this….great job…


  4. Hi Nandhini 🙂

    Very nice blog and thanks for the compliment too.. After reading this blog only i have come to know that i helped you. [other than work ;-)] 🙂 nice story about your paintings too 🙂

    Its nice to see you smiling.. continue the same 🙂


  5. hi….had lots of LOL while reading blog and seeing those pictures. am very happy to know that i have become a part of your memorable memories and have made u LAUGH OUT LOUD . u have rightly said that “we need the right people around us to make that happen”. so credit goes to u for those uncontrollable laughs v have everyday.. This blog reminded me of my college life.. . good one.do keep writing.

    1. Whoa! Madam’s first touch here! So it needed an acknowledgement for your name to scribble here, uhh?

      Yes, right people is the key.

      Thanks for the time and don’t expect me to add your reference in every post 😆

  6. Hi nandu

    Realilly good piece of work.

    Rightly said

    “on the name of professionalism, we should not bury the art of laughing”.
    BTW where is my name???????????////


    1. Hahahahahh……..the acknowledgements were only for the animated cartoons characters, not for sane people like us 😆

      Thanks for your time.

    1. I had to pick and choose from the SMS(es) and it was a difficult task to select four. I thought I should write another post to publish all of them 😉

  7. I don’t know about Onir and Monu but I will forgive you for publicly notifying me as a clown, but I guess the reason for encouragement is Probably ‘U’….they way u laugh is a standing ovation enough (your-start-the-engine-laugh-style) we enjoy seeing it too ;D

    1. Hhaahaahaha……..I didn’t realize I would end up making you all a clown 😆

      When my engine starts, to make sure we don’t get caught by the outside world, you have to stand and be ready, giving a standing ovation to me….hehhe!

    1. Everytime these SMS jokes come to my memory, it sounds much more funnier than the first time read. Here is one recently I loved the most:

      An old lady gives the bus conductor cashes nuts and almonds everyday.

      Conductor: So kind of you that you give me these nuts. Why don’y you eat them yourself.

      Old lady: I don’t have teeth to munch them.

      Conductor: Then why did you buy them?

      Old lady: I just love the chocolate around them 😯

  8. I’m highly impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? whether way keep up the nice ability writing, it is rare to see a great blog like this one today.

  9. Hey Nandhini Di!!!!
    Cool write up..I loved it!!!
    I really miss my AGT days…..It was awesome being with such humorous guys….
    I still remember our Damshiraj sessions………
    miss u all….:)

    1. Yeah, sometimes memories like this refresh us reminding how worth were the days we’ve lived so far that a tribute to the happy days could be written.

  10. interesting post.. i liked the way you thanked your fellas.. really a nice way to dedicate your love for LOL… you got a really nice blog out there…

    just a suggestions for your home page.. you can reduce the number of posts on home page to 5 or 7.. and for posts that are long, use the WP read more tag that you can find on the editor…

    1. I didn’t expect that I would ever get names in my personal life public in this blog. But when I started writing this post, I just couldn’t stop the flow of being grateful to all these souls.

      Honoured to have your comment here, Hemal. A familiar face in Indiblogger! Thanks a ton for your suggestions. Would see into that soon.

      Please keep visiting often.

  11. Great post! Enjoyed reading this one!

    I get to see that the writer in you is getting better n better with every new post of urs! Wish you All the best n good luck for a professional career in writing!If you dont have an idea, its hightime you developed one!

    And BTW, this post seems very close to me, just because Iam a LOL and also because I convert people around from RESERVED=LOLs

    Congrats nandhini…… 🙂

  12. I also believe laughing out loud enhances the body’s immune system no wonder laughter elevates one to one’s original constitutional position of eternal blissfullness(sachidananda swaroopa) , No wonder since Reverberating kind of laughter would bring joy even to the molecules of air this post is surely bound to make ppl who always felt older than earth to feel younger than the youngest cell in the body……

  13. That was one LOL post. I didn’t merely smile, but really LOLed. Keep laughing the natural way to avoid being one of those laughter club members!! btw, how about having a subscription by email button, just for my sake, please? I hate reader 🙁 I promise i will subscribe the moment you tell me it is in 🙂

    1. LOLed?? That was a LOL 😆

      On the right side bar, there is an option to enter the email address for subcription. Not sure if that’s what you’ve mentioned.

      Thanks Maam!

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